Elite Dangerous Thread


I did - I’m next door in LHS 1933 killing pirates in the low res and Nav beacon if you want to join. 10mil Spacebuck payout when I finish this wing mission, and I’m guessing (hoping) they won’t nerf current missions come Friday.


@Navynuke99 I’m still away, I left the Pleiades and went further out for a bit… probably start heading back this weekend. I appreciate the offer navy.


I’ll tag you in a wing before I cash in next week. That should be good enough for some free Spacebucks. I’m out of town Saturday night, but I may be in Friday or Sunday.


Rank up missions are broken since the last patch… that would be more broken then they already were…:triumph:


Well, time to update World of Warships, and get familiar with the Mirage and Harrier again, I think.


Indeed, too many things broken and missing right now. I wrapped up my travels with a brief stop in Sol to say hello to Earth and get fuel. Then it was on to unlock an engineer at Long Sight Base.


I like this plan…


This gave me a good chuckle tonight.




Mini AAR here. Since emergent game play keeps me interested I heard rumors today that a station had been attacked. Sure enough marked on the galaxy map in the Irandan system Glazkov terminal had been hit by Tharagoids. So I dusted off the old Dolphin that I almost never fly and decided to make the 8 jump trip over to see what I could do to help with rescue operations.

Right away you can tell things are not well, your greeted by a frantic flight controller and the station definatly communicates its state with flashing lights, explosions, and fire peeking out of damaged areas.

If you come out to help consider some heat management. You start to cook almost as soon as your through the mail slot.

I can only take 28 people at a time… but its something dang it!

Adding to the frantic feel, are actual commanders constantly running in and out too.

Your drop off point is a rescue ship on station very close by… like 5 seconds in super cruise. You can drop off evacuees and repair the heat damage to your ship. I’ll probably hang out for a little bit while this is going on just for another change of pace. If you are not familiar with where this system is, it is within the bubble I believe which is both concerning but also less of an excuse to check it out lol

I’ve now stayed up too late doing all this so please excuse if this has rambled or been incoherent lol


I did that in the past and it was definitely one hell of a flight skill challenge. I’m considering taking there my T-9 “Isengard” and go for it (as soon as I’m back home… :expressionless: )


I’m trying to squeeze in one more Skimmer run in the Red Shirt, then I’ll see about loading up the Python (if I can remember where I put her) and had your way. Saw that news yesterday in the forum.


Quick someone talk me out of buying a Python and selling my Dolphin, Vulture and maybe even my beloved Type 6…

Edit: sighI I probably still don’t have the money to outfit it and it be worth it…


python is SO worth it. It’s like the Cobra Mk3 plus one. Anaconda minus one but not really because medium pads. Mine took about 240million to pimp out completely. Oodles of power.


31 Beta Leonis Minoris. Volynov Colony. Bring your SRV.


I’ll get a ship out there today at some point.

Running emergency missions out of the attacked station last night and grabbed this.


I’ll be in in a bit. Keel back?


Type 6, I’m on now for a little bit, might be on later too lol


Well I’m at 31 Beta Leonis Minoris. Volynov Colony… not sure why I’m here but I brought an SRV.


Been messing around on Coriolis building Pythons and the one thing that’s keeping me from running right out and getting one is that jump range… its worse then my loaded T-6 :confused:

I know I can engineer but honestly I haven’t read enough to feel confident on that. I guess I’m spoiled from my 35 ly range on the Dback…