Elite Dangerous Thread


It’s very, very easy now. That is the one downside to the Python, and it’s one of the first things I’ve done to most of my ship - I can walk you through it pretty quickly.


Awesome! Run the training missions, and feel free to ask any questions you may have!


Well, inspired by this thread and the sale I’m making a return! I got myself Horizons too…I did a very short stint of the base game about a year ago, but I’ve forgotten all about it so need to start from scratch.

Is there a Mudspike clan or player group of some kind?


I’m gonna jump on for a bit in 10 mins if anyone wants to try winging up or exploring.


I’m on now but just going through the training missions - what’s your in-game name? I assume I can get in touch through the interface.



Also you can add your name here, I just hopped off but I’ll jump back on. Also I think you have to add friends from the main menu.


I’ll be in either tomorrow or Monday evening - I’ll keep y’all posted.


@Andrew116 and I intended to play but I had a baby related emergency and that plan was scratched…I’ll make my way to Branglal from ETA Serpentis, which is where I am at the moment, and take things from there.


McDee is a god send. Way too many controls to remember especially if you stop playing for a bit.


I think I’ll be in tonight, around 1900 EDT, and I’m open to suggestion for things to do.


So I’ve got a Cobra MkIII and a million credits to my name. Does the game offer something ‘useful’ to do for our group or is it all quite individual stuff?


The best way to play Elite dangerous is to treat it as a Pen & Paper role play game.
You imagine being really there- what would you do?

There’s an intense activity in the mission board even thought the overall plot is deliberately slow and includes the Thargoids, Guardians and so on. Most of it is gathered via the ship Bullettin GALNET News.


So I guess my question is to that - I’m a lowly pawn in the universe but we’ve got a group of dozen players here - is there a ‘clan’ of some kind with a joint in-game bank account or joint goal or anything like that? Something I can work towards if I have an hour here and there?


So- nope.
The original premise and development were meant to put you in the (space)shoes of a Han Solo kind of guy.
So, no joined account, no clan “support”, no nothing like that beside the Wing grouping that’s literally like making a multiple-ship wing (from two to four) for missions purpose. With the latest update Wing missions have been introduced.

Those are missions that can still be performed by single players but usually involve such a high quantity of materials to be delivered/ships to be destroyed that Wing-ing up is definitely a plus.

But- there’s a good part in this story- later this year Space Carriers are being introduced (only acquirable with in game money, as usual in Elite) that allow the players to create exactly that Group/Clan that you are asking about.

This mechanic is aptly named Squadron.
Hope this helps!


I need to pick back up with this title as I have not been in it since before the last big update. Kinda got caught up in learning the A-10C control scheme on my TM Warthog and will now have to relearn ED. Such an amazing title in VR though…


It’s basically an open sandbox, so any goal you would like to work towards yourself, whether that’s ranking up in Combat / Trading / Exploration, running missions at a station, helping with community goals, or finding your own thing to do. For example, @near_blind, @Andrew116, @Brennus and I all flew out to the Pleiades together when the first Aegis listening posts started popping up, and we’ve run SRV missions together a time or two. I’m currently doing various things to unlock and ramp up engineering my ships, but I’d be down for helping with whatever.

It’s looking to be cold and rainy tomorrow, so I’ll likely be in game. I’ll let you know when.


Anybody interested in attempting to hunt Thargoids? I’m in my Clipper right now, so if all else fails, I’ll look good while I’m dying.


Amen. I finally set it up in VR a few days ago and had my ‘oh wow’ moment when my Sidewinder got lifted up into a station. it’s quite an experience.


I’ve been out hunting the little Thargoid Scouts. These are not too tough, and I’m zapping them with all stock multi-cannons. I’ve killed a little over 100 of them.

They are great for building up my aim skills, and by killing them in the right systems (learned from other players on the official forums), I possibly help prevent Thargoid attack in the next week or so in that system.

It’s been a fun change.


I’m almost finished engineering my Clipper to go after them, scouts and Interceptors both.