Elite Dangerous Thread


Just killed my first two Thargoid Scouts in the Dalfur system. This is after spending about a week straight at a Guardian site grinding blueprints and materials for weapons, which was after a month spent grinding to unlock engineers and collect materials for various upgrades to my ships. Then hunting for systems that had the proper contacts to unlock and purchase the proper weaponry.

Two Scouts killed inside of three minutes, followed by a slightly concerned flight to the nearest station, due to caustic damage eating away at my hull.

Repair cost at the station: 17,000 and change
Resupply for the guns: 2,500 and change
Combat bond earned for killing the Thargoids: 20,000.

Where’s the fun in this again?


Hey, nice work.

Thargoid Scouts do offer some bonuses, beyond the pay. First, they are easy kills. Second, they are all rated Elite rank. This means your combat rank will increase at an accelerated rate, compared to fighting NPCs.

For the Caustic damage, there are two options. One is a Decontamination Limpet Controller, and a small cargo rack for a few limpets. When launched, these limpets will remove the Thargoid caustic goo from your hull. The other option is to heat your ship above 150% for a second or two. Some ships this is easier than others. This heat will burn the Thargoid good off your hull, but you may suffer a bit of heat damage in the process.

I use the Decontamination limpets, they are really handy.

Trying to remember, but it’s possible that the Decontamination Limpet Controllers are only available at Surface Military bases. I may be wrong, but if you have trouble finding them anywhere else, give that a shot.

Finally, take a look at the Aegis mega-ship “Vanguard” in Aongi, just a jump or two from Dalfur. They offer Scout kill missions, once you are decently on good reputation terms with the factions, the pay is sometimes more than $1,000,000 for killing 8 to 12 scouts. This mega-ship moves every week or so, as the Thargoid threat advances. The ship lists it’s next destination on their news entry, for a few days ahead of the jump.

I’m in Dalfur, too, BTW. Killed over 200 Scouts in the last couple of weeks. The furballs can get pretty intense sometimes (I’ve bailed a couple of times with 8+ were ganged on me). They’ve been great for building some combat skills, and a nice change of pace for my Elite play.


Step 1 to avoiding caustic damage is to not fly through the cloud the scouts or any goid leaves behind when it dies.



Now that is interesting indeed.


A nice timelapse of a similar planet…





By the way, for those not on the Elite Forum, this hilarious thread has been going on since the weekend, and it looks like it’s only getting started:


Not mine…


Wow that’s amazing. I really enjoy Elite in small doses and it’s probably the only title I have that I will only play in VR.


Thoroughly concur.
I have several thousands hours in it - played since Premium Beta… - but last year was, as you said, small doses.
What will change this drastically is the eventual release of Atmospheric Landing. And by that I mean being able to land on all then rest of the Galaxy’s planets.

I know it’s coming and I have a rough ETA. I just literally can’t wait.


That will be a HUGE game changer and would certainly draw me back in. Heck, I’d probably even put out some money for what I’m assuming will be a DLC.


Wow! :star_struck::astonished:


Man since the F-18 came out for DCS I’ve barely touched Elite… I need to drop back in one of these days.


Ditto. Though I think I’ll take part in this, and have started upgrading and refitting the Wanderbus II in preparation for it:



Thats interesting I was just reading about that too. Very tempting.


The thing is, now that we know when the new content is dropping for Chapter 3, part of me is wondering if the Gnosis will be dropping into a Guardian or Thargoid-filled area. Thinking I’ll be keeping my shields and weapons, even if it costs me a little bit of jump range.


Yah I was just thinking what ship would I even take out there… I guess it would have to be my Anaconda.


I’m thinking my Asp, since she’s got the longer legs, and once I finish engineering like so, should be able to either run from or hold her own against whatever Frontier puts out there to wait for us. Especially since the Gnosis has repair/ refit/ restock and outfitting abilities. Trying to think what other modules I should transfer over as well…



And after a bit more thought, this is the Explorabee. I’ll take her to the unknown regions (or who knows from there).

Still a work in process. Next up is tuning the shield generator and (further) upgrading the drives and weapons.



My Asp is aboard the Gnosis, ready to go. It’s outfitting is exploration oriented, but rather than lighter D rated thrusters, they are A rated for maxed speed. Class 5C Biweave shields for protection, and a couple of C2 pulse lasers.

I also wondered whether something new with Season 3 might await inside the Cone sector where Gnosis will arrive.

Should be some fun trapped out in the black for a month or so. :slight_smile: