Elite Dangerous Thread


I took advantage of my wife trip to Germany with the kids to finally do some relaxed exploration.

Left Shinrarta Dezra with my brand new Krait Mk.II “Binary Bard” with the intent of visiting some classical landmark (spacemark?!).

Reached last night VY Canis Majoris which looked absolutely humongous even at over eleven thousands Light Seconds!

After that I headed “up” on the Galaxy plane to a previous system I was aiming for the last time I went Exploring.

I don’t remember exactly what I set up the Bard with, but I know I run an unarmed/shieldless ship, small SRV hangar, and lots of Heatsinks…

As soon as I’m home I’ll update with some pics and info.


It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I’m also wondering if there will be any surprises when the Gnosis gets to the Formidine Rift, which is the next stop after the Cone Sector. That’s why I’m packing a 4C shield as well as weapons.


I’m still kicking around the California Nebula at the moment, but my aim is to get my FSD engineered up a bit so I can add some decent shields / weapons / thrusters to my Asp without taking a hit to jump range. If I get that done in time then I’m heading for the Gnosis. This looks like it’s gonna be fun :hugs:




The new ship seems interesting… I have to admit that I was less impressed with the Krait then most people. If it has better shields then the Krait I might be interested.


What kind of shields are you running? Here’s my current build for multirole/ light combat (I’m rather terrible at it, but I can take a solo Conda without too much repair cost):



Wow, a good bit more to Chapter 3 than I had imagined.

When I get back from uncharted space, I guess I need to look at getting up to speed with Guardian weapons (and SLF!), to put the fight to those Thargoid Interceptors!


Sounds like there gonna be more guardian stuff spread across the galaxy to grind… so I might stay out there lol


And modules, and who knows what else. From what I understand killing anything larger than a Scout is a seriously challenging affair, and I know my own limitations when it comes to combat.


The Interceptors, when using standard AX weapons, are tough. Well at least for me. I’ve faced them a few times in my Federal Corvette, with around 3,000 shields, and 5,000 hull. I have taken out one of the hearts, or nearly so… can’t recall. Practice would make improvement.

The Corvette typically was leaving the fight with 40% to 80% hull left. IIRC, once I was down to just 20% hull left.

The biggest problem was that I just have a poor aim. And I think my HOTAS makes it worse, leading me into LOADS of pilot induced oscillation while trying to line up precise shots. And this back and forth struggle leaves me frustrated and fatigued, after a while.

I’ve considered switching to keyboard and mouse to get past this. But flying without the HOTAS just seems sad.


Guardian Weapons put out alot less DPS than the AX weapons…make soloing Interceptors much easier…the “grind requirements” for them dropped right down in the last update too…
Without a Guardian Gauss you’re really hamstringing yourself - especially if your aim (like mine) with fixed weapons isn’t great…2 Guardian Gauss means you only need 2/3 hits on a heart to destroy (Convergence on a 'vette won’t let you hit with more than two at a time)


So, I’ve got the Explorabee all engineered up, and we made the jump out to meet the Gnosis last night. Sending for several of my modules (more beam lasers, multicannons, my Guardian Guass cannons, and mining equipment) to try and cover all my bases. @adlabs6 let me know if you’ll be around- I’m planning on heading to the planet later and prospecting for synthesis raw materials.


If you’re talking about the planet the Gnosis is orbiting, I’ve been down there collecting some materials already. Some good stuff has cropped up, added a good bit to my SRV refuels, and such. Worth a trip, IMO.


What time you guys thinking of being around?


I’m jumping in now for a little bit.


So, some of you that pay more attention to these things than I do, did they ever say anything at all about if they had any plans on doing anything for those who got the “lifetime” pass business. I mean, besides pointing and laughing.


Well, I give that you’re not following, and I’ll ignore the velated rudeness- but every major release has seen some content delivered only to paying customers.

Here you’ll find en explanation for the rest of this season.

Remember that we’re only few years into development and that Elite is going strong both finantially and as player base.


I’m confident that some paid expansion will be coming next year. Frontier mentioned future paid DLC was inbound, back during the Beyond announcement at their Expo, IIRC.

And even Galnet may be dropping clues. A few recent Galnet entries are referencing an October 3rd special announcement by some competing galactic tech companies, who are supposedly going to introduce HUDs which are wearable.

The only meaningful reason I can imagine for this series of “press releases” is to lead up to some in-game stuff. And the only reason I can imagine as to why CMDRs would need a wearable, portable HUD… is if they are away from the ship seat. :thinking:


Thanks, honestly, I am not worried, just curious. If they do enough on the micro’s so that paid DLC’s are a thing of the past that’s fine with me. Just thought I might have missed some official post about it, surely I can’t be the only one wondering.

Had lifetime passes to a few things (STO, DCUO) that changed payment models and in turn comped those who had it in other ways.


Welp I did it. I finally put my name on the galaxy. I found 3 over looked moons in an already explored system and discovered them lol