Elite Dangerous Thread


Congrats :clap:


Right on, Commander! :+1:


Guys- had my very first contact with the 'goids.

Oh. Feck.

It was extremely hair-raising, but luckily I was… clean- so it didn’t attack me or anything else.
The problem it happened in the bubble.
I really wasn’t expecting it…


Was it one of the systems on the map that was showing as having Thargoid interference, or was it just randomly out and about? And were you hyperdicted, or did you drop in on a Non-Human Signal Source? I’m still out at the Gnosis, and it may be a while before I’m back in, as my control bindings have all mysteriously wiped themselves, and I can’t get any of the profiles I’ve created or downloaded to be recognized in game.


It’s a system with some Engineers or another… a few Light-Clicks from the Engineer base I found a huge refueling giant-ship damaged by Thargoids.

The first time I dropped by I only found Support & Evacuation ships taking away personnel and stuff.
Having saved some Personal Life Pods I went to free them on the closest Coriolis station and went back…

BAM- there it was sniffing at the lumbering hull like a bee with a flower.
It took me a while to realise it was actually a Thargoid.

I literally froze.

I know, it sounds stupid but it was so unexpected…
I know, stupid again—if the ship shows corrosive damage on the hull and the typical green cloud surronding it- maybe Thargoids ARE to be expected, no?!

So- I was there, finally connecting the dots and figuring out that octagonal shape is the infamous T and it comes close, gives me a poke and pointing some oversized beam in my generic direction…

After a few seconds it sort of sighs and * WHOOPS * jumps away.
All the while my ships is incapable to fix its sensor on the thing and it simply gives me corrupted data on the MFDs.

But the sounds- guys… Hat’s off to the sound engineers.

Tonight I’ll upload some pics…

Here… My ship, the Binary Bard

And the encounter


Set off on my first exploring adventure. I have a DBX with a jump range of 36ish LY. I decided to visit Orion’s belt, well 2 of the stars in his belt. Mintaka and Alnitak. They were about 560 LY from my location. Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis) is way out there at 1260ish LY away.

Came in a little hot on a fuel scoop, No damage but a cool screenshot.

Arrived at Mintaka, Beautiful blue star

On one of the planets, such a beautful blue system.

Im currently in Alnitak. Chilling on the dark side of a planet in search of some resources for SRV fuel.

So far I have had a blast in the little exploring I have done. The new mechanics make it alot faster and IMO more fun.


Awesome screenies :heart_eyes:

I too like the new exploration tools a lot. I haven’t had much opportunity to explore yet though. I’ve been busy getting a new Krait engineered up for exploration mining in preparation for DW2. I’ve still got a couple of extra light years to squeeze out of it before I’ll be happy.


Mk. II, or Phantom?


I was torn. In the end I settled on Mk II because of the extra hard point. I’m not planning on getting into combat but I feel very uneasy crossing the galaxy without any offensive capability at all (I’m taking all four mining tools in the other hard points). The difference in jump range for similar builds was around 8 light years or so, so still doable in the Mk II although I’ll not be setting any records.


Im still dealing with overheating issues with my Phantom. Planning on taking her for another shakedown maybe this evening… Plus, I still haven’t decided if I want to take repair limpets or not for DW2.


I’ve decided that I don’t have space. Of the 8 optional slots I need:

2 for prospecting / collection limpets,
1 refinery,
1 fuel scoop,
1 cargo rack,
and 1 DSS

as a minimum to fulfil the roles of miner and explorer. That leaves 2 slots - I need shields as there’s no way I’ll make it there without them (I’m a rubbish pilot). I’ve decided to fill the last slot with an SRV hanger so I can scavenge materials for jumponium etc… on route. The only thing I think I will miss is an AFMU.

In 2 months time I may look back on this build and shake my head. We’ll see :crossed_fingers:


Cashed in the work from a few nights exploring, netted over 10 million from the trip (possibly with some other previous data). Considering that was half the credits in my account, I’m pretty happy with that. I was less than pleased when I landed to investigate a biological signal and realized that, for some reason, I didn’t have an SRV. Pretty certain I had one but I definitely was not carrying it at that moment. Anyways, cashed it in and started another trip a little further out, too - this time with an SRV.

Here’s some shots from the first trip.


I just realized - I’m still docked on the Gnosis ship thingy. Hmm, it’s like I just woke up on the last bus and now don’t know where I am. It might be a while till I can buy mining stuff. Doh! :slight_smile:


I think you’re out towards the Formidine Rift?

Better question: do you have a combat ship, or an exploration ship?


AspX, no weapons. The Thargoid attack that changed the plans was not welcome with that build lol. I need to check what my outfitting options are, either that or try the new exploration mini game and perhaps bimble my own way back.


One option: open fire on the Gnosis to incur a bounty then self district. It will cost you a rebuy but also transport you back to the bubble … I think? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


New exploration mechanics are fun. And Gnosis has some outfitting, so you’re likely ok. Did you engineer your DSS?


I need to google-fu the Gnosis bus timetable. If they are sticking in the Rift for a long time I might go rouge :blush: and hit them hard with my single pulse laser to get blown up.


I didn’t, the build was all about long legs, which will be good for making my own way back if needs be. I just need to steel my nerves with Boxing Day eggnog and pucker up for a mega honk n jump session. (do we still honk? I feel out of the loop)


Yes you do, but you get more info from that honk.