Elite Dangerous Thread


This can help, methinks!



Went back out to a green gas giant to confirm a report. Decided to jump to the next system over and map some planets. Came back and made 2 mil. So in my 2 little trips i have banked 4 mil plus. Not bad, and i have yet to discover anything but I have several first mapped planets to my name!

Looking into getting a engineered FSD, Never played with engineers but I think its time. I have both Farseer and Martook unlocked. Im leaning towards Martook because shes Independent and can get me in with Qwent

And some screens,

A little planetary exploration,

Fuel scooping

And a cool red star




hiya anyone had this weird graphics glitch? any ideas on a fix?
restarted, changed settings up and down, repaired on steam, no idea lol


Is that ludicrous speed?


Mushrooms I think.


It’s weird. It flickers and the graphics clear for 4-5 seconds and then this starts again… It looks like a rainbow paint job inside the cockpit and when you look at asteroids or any object really it seems to send the screen red and you can see lines and glowing things floating around. I cant work it out


Only with elite or does it do it with other gMes as well?


Only elite. It never did it before but I just bought horizons to give it a chance again and now this as starts. It’s like this game wants me to hate it


Hmm I have no clue. Wired it happened after you bought horizions. Are your graphics card drivers up to date?


Did you go in via Horizons or vanilla? Maybe try going in via the other?


I went with Farseer myself, as it was nice being able to work on the frame shift, thrusters, and sensors in one fell swoop. How much time are you planning on taking to unlock engineers, and how many system permits do you have? That was the longest part of unlocking most of the engineers.


Yea tried both ways. Can’t work it out. I’ve quit for the moment in frustration and am back on dcs lol


Looks like a bug rather than hardware or drivers. I’ve not seen it, but it might be in the Known Issues over in the ED forums. Here’s what sounds similar:



Ah excellent I put in a ticket and used the phrase mesh preload error as that looks very similar. Hopefully I can get an answer. I fit the criteria. Nvidia driver. Happens every time regardless of settings. Fingers crossed. Thanks @fearlessfrog I think that’s the closest thing I’ve found so far cheers


Once really planning on much time right now. Really just wanted an engineered FSD. But it looked like martuuk would set me up later on down the road.

As far as permits I only have the Achenar permit.

I just unlocked Martuuk recently. I got her the 3 soontill relics and scanned that system where I bought the relics then jumped to her base. After giving her the relics and cashing in my system scans I was at lvl 2 with her. So I jumped 1900 ly away and scanned some systems. 59 jumps out and 59 back in. I cashed in 4 mil worth of data and got quite a few first discoveries in the process. And now I’m at lvl 4 with her. So I figure I’ll jump 2000 ly in the other direction and do some exploring. Then come back and be at lvl 5 with her. Then it will be time to gather some things and have her hook up my FSD.


If you’re already at LVL 4 then just upgrade your FSD now. By the time you’ve done 4 levels of upgrades the 5th level will have unlocked.


Dav’s Hope for the materials you need, go for Mass Manager for the experimental, and yes, crafting modules will rank you up faster. All you need is level 4 to get the next engineer unlocked, and a G3-G4 upgrade will get you there easily. Oh! And don’t forget to pin the blueprint you’ll want to use again.


Davs hope will give me all I need including experimental materials? Or will davs hope just get me to lvl 5 and then I’ll need to source the required materials for the lvl 5 upgrade?

Also anything special about davs hope I the way of threats? Or can I show up with by DBX and fill my cargo hold? I play in solo



Davsl’s Hope is an abandoned planetside base- lots of manufactured materials available there, but you’ll have to relog several times to build up an inventory. When you get a good RNG roll, you’ll get more of the good stuff you’ll need. Have you looked at the Engineer section on Inara? They have breakdowns for all the mods available and materials required.

Also, here’s a good guide to go by: