Elite Dangerous Thread


I tried to blow up more 'roids last night. This time I even DSSed the ring and dropped into a hot spot. The time before I forgot the DSS. It was strange, though: I prospected over 40 bright orange glowing rocks in different hot spots of a pristine icy ring and even jumped to another system but no joy. I then switched from solo to private group and searched for bright orange rocks with a black grid in pulse wave scanner before sending the prospector drone. Finally I found several deep core asteroids.

Over all I made two runs of deep core mining of around 3 hours each (it takes some time to learn the ropes) and made 20 million space lira on each run with my AspX. It is quite lucrative and there is lots of room to get more efficient.


My storyline (yes, I know it is missing from E:D, so I am making my own) took me to a remote mining location (700ly from Sol) and while scanning the systems around I found one two jumps away with a planet with icy ring/ pristine reserves. As it is far from inhabited space there are no pirates (there is nothing), the planet is 140k ls away so it takes some time to get there… but once I arrived at void opal spot, out of 5 asteroids I checked with prospector 4 had either opals or diamonds in the core… and the station is paying 320k for diamonds (which normally cost around 92k), so once I find some time I am looking at some really nice profits. I love this game!


Got bored doing laps around dav’s so I decided to head back to see what I could build. Got a lot of stuff however I need stuff from wake scanning. Read that famine systems are the best. Guess what no famine systems exsit. So…what’s the best place to get wake scans? Currently I’m heading to Lave as it’s a very populated area so maybe that will work.


I am (or soon will be) in a very similar position.

Just landed at Dave’s Hope and did 2 laps. Then signed off to give my inner ear some rest. SRV’ing in VR is not a tenth as bad as Dirt Rally though, nausea levels are manageable.

My goal is a Diamondback Scout Hull Tank with Multi’s, Rails or both. Engineering goals: Thrusters, Armour, Weapons, Distributor.

First on my shopping list is G3 Dirty Thrusters from Farseer. Need to visit Maia to get some of those Meta-alloys after I gather the mats. Then I will want to level Todd McQuinn to G4 Overcharged Multi’s so I can get to unlocking Selene Jean. But gee, those 500 tons are a lot. Only did some Core Mining in the Keelback.
But for 500 tons…

So maybe I will want to get Palin rather than Selene, to get those thrusters to Grade 5. And in that case, I will want the FSD for which I definitely need Wake Scans.

For now though, what is the fastest way to get Sulphur, nickel, etc. ? The common raw materials. Also, what is the fastest way to mine 500 tons?


I got most my sulphur and phosphorus from surface mining with the srv


Got my G5 engineered FSD!!! Wasn’t to bad, Lave worked excellent parked outside the space station and scanned after about 30 mins I had way more then enough wake data.

Then I needed to find Arsenic, This was a pain in the backside, I found a spot on Masszony 1 a a. Got 9 peices of Arsenic, which was the exact amount I needed up needing.

So I now have a DBX that can jump 58ish LY. I just set out on a 2000 ly journey to scan the stars. My goal is still to visit Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis ) however I have to get out there to get close to it. I cant get the route plotter to make a route to it. Hope fully this trip I can get close enough to get to it.

Some screens of my Engineering adventures

Heading out for a lap at Dav’s hope

Finishing a lap at Dav’s

Looking for Arsenic

On Masszony 1 a a getting some Arsenic

Heading into a crater

And awaiting my ship to return


Cool screenshots !

Use this for routefinding on long trips.




Did some more deep core mining yesterday and made 40m in my AspX Soarin’ Susan with one run (72t cargo plus some extra in the refinery’s bins). Man, I still smile when I detonate those deep charges and the rock cracks open.

This was the last time I used my explorer ship for blue collar missions. I went to 109 Piscium to grab a brand new Krait Mk II at a whooping discount of 15% off, outfitted her as a mining ship and baptized her Diggin’ Dan.

Soarin’ Susan was refitted for exploration and engineering materials acquisition.


Yep, I’m finishing preparations on my Krait Phantom now. Figure I’ll head to the first waypoint next weekend.


Later, Jamison Memorial. See you in a few months!


Wait, you can sell the material in the refinery’s bins? How?


When your cargo bay is full, the refinery will hold finished materials until you free up cargo space. Once you sell some stuff in a commodity market the materials go to your cargo bay and can be sold as well.


Finally made it to Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis ) And for me it was worth it. I think I figured out why I couldn’t jump straight there, Seems alot of stuff in Barnard’s loop are permit locked. My route would have been straight through there.

Anywho, Jumped 2000 ly to the left(Sol and Sag A to your back) to Flyua Dryoae ZN-J b26-0 or somewhere around there, I forget to log into EDSM to track it.

Parked my ship there for the night

Not a bad view before falling asleep

Woke up and decided to see if I could plot a course to Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis ), and finally I could, 45 jumps and Ill be there. So off I set

Cool star

Cool water or Ammonia planet, Cant remember but Im leaning towards water

A heart attack coming out of hyperspace, When I come out of hyperspace Im always set up to go away from the star, When I came out of hyperspace all I saw was two giant stars on both sides, Luckily I split the middle with no damage.

Last star before Alnilam( Epsilon Orionis )

And finally I made it!!!

Thought I’d stop by the black hole, Kinda cool to see the light swirling around it.

It wanst what I was expecting but when I looked at the photo I could definitely see more of what was going on,

Next it was decision time, Head back or head out? I thought about heading back via Banards Loop, which is when I found out about the permit, So head further out it was.

I targeted Phroi Phoe AH-B d 14-8 2300ish ly away. And set off!

Found this awesome looking planet on the way,

After 52 jumps I made it to Phroi Phoe AH-B d 14-8. I found 2 land-able planets and figured Id go stretch my legs.

This planet was not land-able but looked damn cool.

The gas giant that planet and the other 2 are orbiting

Both land-able planets,

Decide to land on the smaller but more mineral rich orange planet. Got a pretty nice shot coming in for landing. If you look close enough you can see another planet also

Hell of a view from the surface, and its a great surface to drive on,

Great views from these 2 planets, So close and so cool

Parking for a bit,

Still undecided about my next move, 3000ly back to my home station. But why not go further out?

Exploring can be tedious and boring but its the cool stuff that makes it fun. Finding cool looking planets, close stars,and so many other awesome sights, makes it well worth it.

Quick question, How many systems can you hold before turning them in? Probably north of 150 right now.


I don’t think there is a limit. I have read reports of players staying out for months and then cashing in billions of credits worth of data when they return to the bubble.


There isn’t.

The only “limit” is a personal one. If you die you lose all the exploration data.
All. Of. It.


Yep. Learned that one the hard way. It’s why I now run my exploration ships with shields and engineered hulls.


Ouch. That’s the things you really feel.


I’m curious, what got you?

When I’ve been out exploring I haven’t seen so much as a single contact on my sensors.


I can’t recall Nuke’s exact disaster, but for me where it all turned south a couple of times after an explorer trip was:

  • High gravity SRV trip, I’ve nosedived into a planet late one night.

  • When you get back to the bubble to turn in the data they’ll be a crazy NPC pirate waiting in the system, and with no shields it’ll be a risk.

  • Pulsars are great for distance but still possible to screw up if you fall asleep.

I run an AspX without shields, but there’s a risk for sure.