Elite Dangerous Thread


Yeah that first billion I made was the best!!!


Took a break from mining to start the Federation rank trail so I can get that Vette. First trip out I took a planetary scan job that seemed simple enough. Except for the fine print that says “Actions may be considered illegal in the local system”. And apparently trying to dock while wanted can cause some issues. After barely making it out of the station alive, I was left with quite the predicament:

I suddenly wish I had got that A rated life support module. Anyways, I got her down with some time to spare. Was surprisingly exciting, especially knowing I would be an easy target for other players, and the lack of a hud for finding the station made it interesting.


Holy crap. I’ve been playing this thing since not long after launch and I STILL haven’t made my first billion.


Also, right panel, cargo/ crafting, as long as you have I think nickel and iron, you can synthesize refills for your life support pretty much indefinitely.


My god man put some clothes on that avatar! Look at him trying to look all tough in his undies. :trolleybus:


I owe it all to you broseidon. And @boomerang10. I’ve been straight up abusing the ring he showed me.

Build a fire for a man, he’ll be warm for a night. Light him on fire, he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.


Do you always hit the same ring? I’ve been going around a bit more, the void opal spot that was giving me great yields to begin with hasn’t been so hot lately so I’ve been testing out different systems and rings.


I’ve gathered that 1.6 or billion credits off a single ring. It has several void opal hotspots, but i always go to the same one. It is actually two hotspots overlapping each other. So I’ve basically extracted 1000+ tons of opals from the exact same spot. I figured it may have some kind of mechanic where it runs out or what ever, but the information still says pristine reserves, and never takes me more than about an hour to get 60-75 tons.

I figured I would milk it till it ran dry, but at this point, I have so much money there is really no need to mine anymore.


I think Elite sort of suffers a bit from Mudflation, in that the Rank became the secondary unlock currency, followed by the Engineering Upgrades for the serious-face PvP’ers and all that.

I think it is good, as upgrading and buying the new ships is a lot of fun with the base credits, and making that too long an ordeal to grind might put people off.


agree, having started the rank grinding.

I do like how the RNG is removed from the upgrade pipeline, at least from engineering. You dont have to kill the same thing over and over again and hope a good piece of gear drops. If you want to upgrade, you just buy the best one you can and then go get the materials to engineer it. Having played other MMO’s, I definitely appreciate this aspect.


Nice find with that ring. I’ve been doing short sessions and after having been unable to find something quite as awesome as that for void opals, I’ve just done an EDDB website search for icy rings near my location, then pick the pristine system with the heaviest mass rings.

Seems to work, I’ve been just descending into the ring regardless of whether I find hot spots and start smashing stuff up. Generally a mix of void opals, low temperature diamonds, some grandidierite and alexandrite so far…a void opals spot is the best thing of course but to be fair the other high end minerals are still really good returns.


Alas, ED (not to be confused with the DCS ED) is only PC and I am looking for something I can play on my Mac’s.

Last night on Steam (while waiting on the Open Beta DCS to download…see Mig-19 thread for details) I discovered Endless Sky. It is a kind of ED Lite…probably very Lite. 2D space travel/battles with “Asteroids” physics (raise you hand if you have ever paid a quarter– .25¢ American–to play Asteroids in the arcade at the mall) Trade stuff and get jobs…transporting people or stuff. A bit of a story. Upgrade your star ship to get a new one…stuff like that. …and it works on PC, Mac OS and Linux .


I remember a Mac game like that about late 90s early 2000s. Top down, decent graphics. You could upgrade the ship, buy a new one trade pirate etc. can’t recall the name, but I’ve been looking for it for years. Maybe you guys played it.


I have over one hundred hours in this. I would never call this one ‘lite’ anything. Its an amazing game.


There was a similar game for iPad…more a 4X thing where yo build up planets…don’t think it made the hop to the reworked iOS a few years back. Too bad, a great game for the auto repair, doctor’s, pharmacy waiting room.


I was more referring to the 2D vs 3D VR graphics…yes, the is a deep game…I am totally into it. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s really addictive isn’t it! You wait till you get your own fleet of plus sized capital ships following you around.
I had so many behemoths at one point I never actually needed to fire a shot if I was attacked. Great game!
if you need any help with it pm me mate. It has been a while since I played it but between this and x3 I really put the hours into these.


Actually, if you have a PS4 or Xbox, it’s on there too.

Juat made it to Polo Harbour. Only 11,000 light years behind the Distant Worlds fleet.


Geeze what’s your build for that? I’m working on collecting materials for the Guardian FSD Booster that should get mine up to 44.

If it’s good, I’ll keep going back. My technique is to mine just outside of the bubble in an un-populated system. There’s zero interdictions and less pirates running around the rings themselves. Normally when you spawn/jump in, there will be one wing flying around but you can typically boost away for a couple minutes and then after that it’s just you.

After that, because you’re still on the edge of the bubble, I’ve found systems to sell within 70 or so lightyears.


My understanding is the crackable rocks respawn in hot spots about every 3 days. There was a discussion on Reddit about that a few days ago.