Elite Dangerous Thread


This thread haunts me because I so much want to jump in and join. I haven’t flown any time at all (like less than 20 minutes years ago now). I can’t wait but worry the world will be empty when I eventually get around to it. Just too many choices out there and not enough time.


The resources are all infinite, so coming in late actually just makes it better. All the edges have been smoothed off, bugs fixes and new features added.

Elite is probably up there with VTOL VR in terms of the perfect fit for a headset as well. They always made that side work really well. Looming over a planet, and then landing down on one in VR is one of the top 3 things I think I’ve ever done in VR.


I was a little generous on the 60ly claim, turns out it actually maxes at 58 and some change. Its basically fully D rated with a max engineered FSD for more range. I dont have any experimental effect on it, so I could probably get it to actually hit 60. Also could probably get more range by doing engineering for lighter weight in the power plant and other things, but probably diminishing returns at this point. 55-58 depending on cargo is pretty solid. I think my Asp in a similar kit got to 50ly.


I certainly got yanked in more than I intended by @Gunnyhighway and his get rich schemes…I need to get back to the earthly flight sims at some point. Just…one…more…void opal asteroid…first…


Mass Manager experimental will give you another couple LY. I’ll bet I can get you a bit more range.


My god your account balance!?! That is a seriously heavy wallet! If you left that with your old buddy Vic the weight saving alone would get you a ly :rofl::rofl:


Decided to take a break from the grind of the Bubble and set a course for some Guardian ruins.

These ruins are about 1,100 LYS from my current home port, easily the longest trip I’ve made to date.

My final port call before leaving the Bubble.

Making a few orbits of the ruins to get the lay of the land. Unfortunately I didn’t get any shots while in the ruins, I had my hands full trying to power up the pylons while not getting blasted to bits by the Guardian Sentinels.

Before I left the planet I went ahead and checked out some Biological sites that had popped up on my surface scan. I think Dr. Seuss might have been ahead of his time.

All in all it was a fun trip, although collecting everything from the Guardian ruins tested my sanity. It has also convinced me to keep future explorations to solo, since in the middle of my second attempt to activate the ruins someone in a DBX showed up and started meddling with them as well. While I’m sure they thought I was a complete idiot, they where nice, but having someone drop in like that and finish up what I was doing kind of ruined it for me. So I logged out and went back later in solo and got it all figured out. :grin:


I haven’t messed with the guardian stuff yet. Need to check it out.


So far I’ve only done my home work on the FSD booster, so I can’t really comment on the rest of the Guardian stuff, but despite me frustrations I’d say it was worth it. Assuming you have a class 5 optional slot you are willing to give up, you can gain up to 10 LYS of jump range by equipping a class 5 booster.


This might sound a bit silly but are the ground exploration modules with the srv hard to find? I’m having a little trouble locating one.
I’m not far from 3447 probably 40ly away (can’t remember the system without looking)

I’ve looked at every station I’ve passed and not come across one yet. Are they fairly rare?
one other thing… Are they actually worth it? I get that driving around would be pretty cool but are they actually ‘needed’

My plan is to build an exploration ship and just vanish off into the void but I don’t know if the ship slots would be better used elsewhere


they should not be hard to find, any industrial or high tech station at least should carry them. It’s called an SRV hangar or some such thing.


An SRV can be useful for mining materials for synthesis of things like heatsink and field maintenance unit ammo, and jumponium for long jumps to otherwise inaccessible systems. Although, the same materials can be obtained with a mining laser in a rocky ring.

However, it can be a really enjoyable change of pace to set down on an interesting planet and explore a bit. For me, I wouldn’t go exploring without one.


Look for planetary vehicle hangar and don’t forget to make sure there is an SRV in it.

You can use the following link to find stations with specific outfitting near you


Excellent that’s really useful thank you


Guardian FSD Booster was defnitely worth the 1 hour or so it took this morning to gather the materials. DBX is now over 65ly range with an SRV…


I also like how you only have to gather the materials one time, then you just use credits to buy as many as you want.


Anaconda sitting at 37ly range now, fully loaded for combat, 32 tons of cargo, fighter bay, and srv.


Nice, with the FSD booster and some tweaking/refinement of my internal modules I was able to get my Phantom with an SRV up to 60ly.


I’ve reached the 5000 ly milestone for the Professor and can now return home.

I might have discovered some waterworlds…


That’s a mighty fine shot you took there man. What a pretty game.