Elite Dangerous Thread


Man don’t get cocky like I did on the way back from my professor trip. Decided to land on a planet that I was the first to discover and map. Didn’t check the gravity, and proceeded to explode. Luckily my distance traveled saved. That was a fail of epic proportions.


The view from about 1,000lys above the bubble.

Couple of distant Galaxies.


Anything wrong with this build for a deep core miner? Or any engineering upgrades I should look into? I have G5 FSD already


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I have more money in the bank if I need.

  • I would look at upgrading the power plant to run cooler
    -Upgraded sensors to see farther
    -Better thrusters + dirty drive to make the ship more maneuverable (the Kraits are stupid fast)
    -Detailed Surface Scanner, so you can identify hot spots in rings
    -I would consider downgrading to a size 5 shield and reinforcing it, and using the other size 6 slot for another cargo rack.
    -Add some shield boosters and maybe a point defense in your utility slots, in case you run into pirates (NPC or otherwise)
    -Turreted weapons for self-defense?
    -You can apply heavy-duty reinforcement to the stock hull and get armor bonuses without any mass penalty- I do that to all my ships as a last-resort.
    Just my initial thoughts. Best of luck!


Cool thanks! I added a DSS and a Burst Laser and moved to a size 5 sheild. Gonna have to talk to some engineers but this should be fun!


Looks good to me, you may want to ditch that last cargo rack, move to a 1a prospector limit and pick up another collector controller. You really only need 1 prospector at a time for core mining, and having 3-5 collectors going makes it a lot faster. Just my preference. Only 2 collectors can take a while to scoop up 15-17 fragments.


Why do you have an E-rated power distributor? shouldnt you want to A rate that at least?


Different ratings have different qualities.
D rated items are the lighters, C rated are the ones that absorb less current (if i remember correctly), B rated are the “bulkiest”, A rated are almost as tough as B but lighter and MUUCH more expensive.
E rated are the cheapest but not as light as D rated- kind of " so cheap you can’t really complain ".


@schurem yep but for core mining I didn’t think it would matter.

Had a slight rethink. I need to grind up some engineers so I think I’m going with a phantom for mission running. Sorta like my cobra.

Mission Running Phantom

Then after that get me a miner


I would A rate the limpet controllers too, for convenience


I don’t run weapons on my mining rig, I usually just run away if trouble shows up. I’ve been really enjoying the Anaconda for mission running, but it does limit you slightly with large pads only. I’ve been using it to get the federation rank up. Sol system is full of federation missions and stations.


Am I seeing correctly that you’re running an E-rated FSD? You’ll get significantly more range upgrading to even a C-rated unit.

Also, I’d recommend a collector limpet controller to make it easier to pick up bits and bobs if you do any HGE or other signal source farming, and maybe a DSS for scan missions (not sure if that’s still a necessity or not though).

And a fuel scoop. Even just a smallish one can prevent you the embarrassment of having to call the Fuel Rats while in the bubble.


Standard nuke answer to just about everything. :wink:


Yeah the FSD was a mistake. Should be a 5a.


So I pinned a G5 FSD blueprint after I made one for my DBX. However when I wanted to make another one for my phantom I had to grind back up from a G1. Is this normal?


Weirdly enough, yes


Basically the pinned blueprint allows you to apply that specific upgrade to any module, but they follow the normal upgrade progression. You will notice though that the amount of upgrades to get to the next level is drastically reduced after you’ve reached G5 one time.

There is also an extremely annoying bug where the pinned blueprint becomes unpinned at random. I just had this happen when i was upgrading the FDL. Opened the remote engineer screen and noticed the powerplant blue print was no longer pinned. Frustrating.


Cool thanks guys!

Just making sure space madness wasn’t creeping in…


Question: Do the news headlines on the start up page actually correlate to in game events or is just fan fiction. Saw something about a nuke being stolen, an heiress gambling away a fortune, etc. are these events in the game you can somehow influence?


Not really sure, I always figured it was fluff from FD. Although with the way FD has done somethings in the past, it wouldn’t surprise me if stories like the nuke one can be influenced by the community to some extent.

Random thought: Is it weird to be really excited when you finally hit a patch of space that no one has sold exploration data on?