Elite Dangerous Thread


Best part of exploring!!

Also, don’t fly drunk. I logged in this morning to a million credit bounty on my head and a notoriety of 8.

Anaconda will be docked for a while…


Sounds like you went all Han Solo during your last adventure.



Some random shots from the nights explorations.

Not to sound weird or anything, but I actually got goosebumps while taking this last shot. As I was setting it up, my mind drifted off to what it would be like to actually be there. Sitting there alone, in complete silence except for the faint hum of electronics and cooling fans in the background. Being in absolute awe of the view as I stare back towards home, which is nothing more than tiny, indiscernible speck among the stars. Feeling absolutely tiny and insignificant compared to the universe around me… “Magnificent desolation”


Not at all!
The first time they released the SRV (the droppable jeep, so to speak) I had a most powerful experience.

I dismissed my ship, and suddently I was alone, in an unknown star system, on the surface of a faceless planet lost among the dozens or so of other faceless planets, thousands of light years away from any other human being…

It was so eerily quite.

I felt such a stab of loneliness and peace that’s quite impossible to convey with words.

Elite is not perfect, but you you “stop to smell the flowers” it can be absolutely powerful.


I obviously need to get this game…living vicariously through your posts and screen shots is just not enough…but between XP11, DCS and this…I’ll get it as soon as Congress asses that bill adding more hours in the day. :grin:


Thought I’d post the link for this latest video:


That guy’s videos are great, the problem is that it makes me wish we could walk around that much more - even if it was limited to the confines of your ship and a closed off landing area.

(To be honest I’m suprised they haven’t done that, they have things like commander clothing on the store, they could make a decent penny on microtransactions for that kind of stuff, I’m sure, if people could walk around and interact with each other.)


I’d love to walk around stations. Walk to get missions etc. It would be cool. Or at least walk around planetry bases. I’m hoping the 2020 update brings us some thing close to it. Maybe walk from your ship to the cantina.


It would be great. Now they announced the next content would be way out in 2020, it does sort of make sense they would do ‘space legs’. If they don’t do that then I’d love some atmosphere places to land at the least - that would be cool.


I’m no game developer but I would imagine that adding the ability to walk around would be fairly simple, especially if it was confined just to a restricted environment such as your landing pad. Obviously that changes if we start talking about getting out on random worlds and running around there.

That being said, personally, I’m hoping the 2020 update is something much more substantial: the ability to land on and explore atmospheric planets.


A few more shots from the weekends explorations.


Nice! How are you liking the Krait Phantom?

I’m personally hoping for atmospheric flight and procedurally-generated cities first, then Space Legs. But that’s just my personal preference.

Anybody else still on DW2? I’m only 50 jumps from the current CG at the core now- maybe I’ll catch up to the fleet by April.


I managed to catch up just in time for the CG - 166 tonnes mined so far. Watch out for the twin suns when jumping in to the Explorers Anchorage system, though it is rather picturesque.


I would quite like to be able to load / unload cargo etc…


Especially for black market/ smuggling.


I just want to watch the sunset on ross 154 again. Atmospherics uber alles.


I’m all up for planets before legs or more planetary vehicles.
Let’s get all sort of atmospheres!

I’d like to see underwater too before space legs…


For my first exploration ship/ build, I’m loving it! It’s fast and maneuverable, good selection of optional equip slots, and with a fully engineered FSD, Guardian FSD booster, and a proper-ish build, I’m up to around 62-ish lys jump range. Only thing I don’t like about it is with the top being so flat, I find it kind of awkward to take pictures of. :rofl:


Body kit just came out- I’m kinda on the fence about buying it though.


Ugh, thats fugly, not gonna pay ten bucks for the one part i consider cool.