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Yea…I saw it, but I’m on the fence as well. Mostly because there are maybe 2 pieces I would use in total. Might have to keep an eye out for a sale…


The good thing is the in the hangar you can check how the pieces fit even if you don’t own them…


I didn’t know that! I’ll have to give that a shot when I get I make it to Explorer’s Anchorage.


+1 thanks

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Ok, looks like some long range jumping is required for the next leg of the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. There is one neutron star boosted hop of 79LYs - time to brush up on my neutron supercharging technique :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve never actually done that… Little bit nervous about this now…

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You’ll see a twisting blue stream coming off the star on two ends. Pick one and fly toward it slowly. Be careful not to enter the exclusion zone. Slow down to like 8-9ms, basically idle and you will enter the stream. When you enter the stream. Pitch away from the star but stay in the pipe. You will lose control similar to an interdiction, just keep the ship in the pipe pointed away as best you can until it says frameshift drive supercharged. Then you can accelerate away from the star and jump out. Sounds more difficult than it is. You really can’t mess it up. If you enter to fast, you will pass through the stream before being fully charged. Just turn around and try again.

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Just saw this:

So…what to get? What is a Horizons Season Pass?


you are going to want horizons pass. it allows you to land on planets and other things. The regular game version doesnt have that feature.

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In other words, you are going to want the $21 bundle that comes with the pass.


OK…so a “Season Pass” when does the season start, end? (I am assuming this is something like Deer Season.) Or is it just the name of the add on?

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The “season pass” part implied access to several updates, all of which have been released as far as I know. So basically you get access to a series of updates and features like planetary landings etc.

I bought the horizons pass bundle on sale a year ago in a similar bundle, so I’ve technically never had the vanilla version of the game.

The majority of DLCs for Elite are cosmetic only like skins and modified versions of ships, but I would say the horizons pass is mandatory for the full experience.


I missed the previous sale, but Steam has it on sale this weekend…the Commanders Pack Delus Edition…I guess nothing says “Easter” like a sale on Elite and Dangerous…and maybe a Homicide Hunter marathon on ID…:astonished:

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Got ED up and running (no, not the DCS guys, this ED). Going through the tutorials. So far I’ve discovered that I’m lousy with space combat and mining asteroids is fairly boring.

I also discovered that if I want anything cool for my ship, I’ll need to pay for it with $ …OK, not that many $ but $ nonetheless.

My initial learning curve–I quickly, painfully discover that the cool mouse controls don’t work for me, that the WH HOTAS overrides the kybd and that it doesn’t recognize my rudder pedals. No worries I’ll use an older stick with twist yaw.

I have also discovered that I should really RTFM.

Other than that, it has been a blast so far. :smile:


A few wholly unsolicited tips

  • Fuel scoops are your friend
  • Playing with other people helps keep the grind down Mudspike Players
  • You cannot super cruise to another star system. You must jump, if you super cruise you will run out of fuel.
  • If you do run out call the Fuel Rats, they will literally bend over backwards (and be happy about it) to help anyone in need on any platform.

Safe flying commander o7


Lol, don’t do it! You will never forgiver yourself for giving in and letting the game break down your spirit that way.

jk, good luck with solving your issues and making the game more enjoyable. :sunglasses:



There’s a manual? :grinning::smiley:

Once you get your controls set, just jump into that sidewinder and start taking missions. I found it the easiest way, for me at least, to get out of the sidewinder.

Couple of tips,

  1. Most if not all starport openings face their orbiting object. This comes in handy for the stupid cube shaped starports. Get in between the orbiting object and the starport and you should have a good chance to find the docking hole.

  2. 4 pips in shields when docking, I cant count how many times ive survived an accidental boost into a station because of this.

  3. when in supercruise approaching a port or planet, 7 seconds from the target throttle into the blue. 8 seconds just to be safe.

  4. Have fun! lots to do and explore


Check this out:


LOL…I’m looking at my first purchase and that’s top on my list. Heat sinks?

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