Mudspike Elite Dangerous Players

Add your player name if you play Elite:Dangerous and would like to play in a group or private server.

We generally tend to congregate around Branglal, at Skripochka Gateway as the Mudspike home base for open. Info for that here:

This post is editable by all. We can use the Teamspeak if needed too: Articles - Mudspike Forums

In-game Player name

  • fearlessfrog
  • RedBravo65
  • Sargoth
  • Nuke Dukem (Navynuke99)
  • Jim Bandit (boomerang10)
  • Maclean
  • Tyco (evidently)
  • conram (miRage)
  • rhinosaurus
  • Bogusheadbox (happy to travel long distances for co-op)
  • Benjamin K. Master (komemiute)
  • Ckonstantine (ckount)
  • Kombatkarl (will travel for bounties)
  • Toppometer
  • Kaiser Beck (Mudcat)
  • EinsteinEP
  • Tankerwade
  • near_blind
  • Aleevi116 (Andrew116)
  • B1gf00t (Freak)
  • CMDR_Fungerus
  • CMDR Kludger
  • James Barrett (Baltic Dragon)
  • Brixmis
    -Jack Wagon Jr. (Highway)
  • Bearhedge
  • CMDR Hangar Tohunded (or something like that; Hangar200)

I play Elite:Dangerous and would enjoy getting together online with others. Put me down.

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Hit the ‘Edit’ pencil on the first post and put your Elite in-game name in below mine. We don’t often use ‘wiki’ posts, but it might be useful here where people can add themselves into the first post.

I don’t play currently, but will probably (most likely), very definitively get back into it :innocent:

There’s a nice placed called Inara, where you can add info and stuff - here’s my profile on there CMDR Sargoth [INARA]

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Put me down 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In game name Bogusheadbox Go figure eh ?

I would press the pencil edit button, but I don’t have the forum cookie points for that

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Now you do. :slight_smile:

Nice stuff. I added a profile with my fleet.

Maybe someone who is really active can create a private Mudspike group…

Still on vanilla and haven’t played on a long time. Might get back into it. The idea of re-learning all the controls and training voice attack again is daunting though.

Voice attack, one thing i have yet to use but i wanna !

I did, join up: Mudspike [INARA]

Tried adding my name from the phone but apparently I can’t.
No sweat- anyone can just write me up.

Benjamin K. Master

Spaces, dot and all.

Fly safe, play dangerously.

See, now I have to know why and fix it :slight_smile: Let me see what’s up (I added your name though of course).

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Did mine from the phone… you guys are clicking the … at the bottom and choosing the pencil from there right?

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Been playing (as Ckonstantine) on and off but am really waiting for my Oculus CV1 to be delivered at the end of June. Borrowed a DK2, took ED for a spin and was awestruck. Should probably train with my HOTAS Warthog until then but the however good the TrackIR is, it’s not the same.

Still on the fence w/ E;D,

I want a Space Sim w/ VR, but Ima prolly wait till after I upgrade to a RX-480 (which will only be a temp GPU until Vega or Navi)

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Thanks to those who added to the list.

If we wanted to try out an MP event one weekend then what do you pilots think of us all meeting up, say in a starter system like Eravate or LHS 3447 etc but in a private group?


@RedBravo65 @Sargoth @Navynuke99 @boomerang10 @Maclean @Tyco @miRage @Rhinosaurus @Bogusheadbox @komemiute @ckount @Kombat_Karl @EinsteinEP @BeachAV8R (phew…)

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Sounds like a great idea.

:+1: :mudspike:

Works for me. I assume Wed be doing conflict zones or some such?

Anyone have experience using wings? I tried it before and found it a little difficult to keep track of wingmen, but that was a while ago.