FS Expo 2023 product reveals

We already have a separate thread about the TM F16 TQS, but I’ll add other reveals as they come during the afternoon.


Not a reveal because we knew it was coming, but the A2A Piper Comanche looks like it’s going to be very impressive.

Edit …VERY impressive.


Honeycomb are going to release a lite version of the Alpha yoke….and a pro version.


My phone is running low on power.

MSFS2024 looks like it is going to be a major step forward.



I didn’t even know that was a thing!

Ok, so a quick summary of what I saw today after my phone ran out of juice….

Honeycomb also have some very neat touch screen displays coming down the pipeline. Two different sizes, all connected using Wi-Fi.

The MSFS presentation had some more info on 2024….
Multi-core support.
Significantly better terrain in what are presently low detailed areas of the world.
Better trees
Significantly improved physics.
Improved weather
The flight model parameters are going to be opened up significantly compared to 2020. It sounds like flight models will be far more realistic as a result. Existing aircraft can either just use their current flight models or the developers can easily update as few or as many of these parameters as they wish.
MSFS2024 will have a more streamlined footprint that should load faster and use less disk space…the caveat being that a lot more of the program will be cloud based.
I hope my internet connection can handle it, but overall, I was very impressed. Jorg confirmed that MSFS2020 will still be supported and will be getting updates (although I am pretty sure the advantages of 2024 will mean most of us will migrate to the new version).


Some videos and stuff here

Live updates: FSExpo Day One! – Stormbirds


Hey @PaulRix, any linkups with other Mudspiker’s there?

Unfortunately not. As far as I know I’m the only Mudspiker here.


Although Prepar3D was my primary GA sim, I stopped at 4.5 because I was slightly disappointed with the VR performance. I think I might skip V6 like I did V5. :thinking:

So, I returned home this afternoon…. I had seen pretty much everything I wanted to.

I got my hands on the VirPil Throttle, which feels much nicer than the Warthog quadrant. I’m seriously thinking about upgrading.

I also had my first experience with Thrustmaster TPR pedals and the forthcoming Honeycomb pedals. I really like the TM pedals. Expensive, but I think the price tag can be justified. The Honeycomb pedals did not impress me much.

The TM F16 TQS was nice too, but I think it isn’t versatile enough to justify the purchase, but then I’m not a die hard Viper pilot.

I was able to briefly try the Pimax Crystal. Compared to the Reverb G2 I liked the FOV which was noticeably wider and taller. It was comfortable and the sweet spot was impressively large (compared to the G2). I might look closer at this headset next year after I upgrade my PC.

Thats about all I have….


I kinda wish my Warthog would die (serial no. 06091) so I could justify replacing it, but I’m still on the fence between VirPil and WinWing :thinking:

Always nice to have a RL pilot validate my choice of sim hardware :slight_smile:

Thank you Paul for taking on the Spiker on the spot reporting. With you on the TQS. I’m wondering now if WinWing will make an F-15E throttle quandrant.


I forgot to mention that the Next Level Racing Boeing Sim Pits featured at several of the vendor stands, so I was able to try that out too. I liked it a lot, mostly for the sliding (and non-rotating seat)… I’m going to have to take a closer look at the new Pro version.


Announced on Facebook: Launching in July according to WinWing


I just took the plunge and ordered the VirPil CM3 throttle. :upside_down_face:

It’s on back order, so it will be awhile before I get it…. Lots of time to worry about buyer’s remorse.


There goes my wallet


That’s good news, thanks.

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I really don’t understand their logic to release this while we still don’t have a hornet throttle to pair with the F18 stick.

To me, the Viper throttle will likely only interest the niche, die-hard, F-16 fans whereas the Hornet, much like the Warthog throttle, would likely be versatile enough to be useful amongst multiple aircraft and simulators.

I’m excited for the Ini A306. It was fairly obvious it was coming but it will be an instant buy for me.

I was hoping for a bit more info on the “secret” project but all they’ve said is it’s a “modern long-haul experience”.

I’m not sure what to think about the “epic” mod. Could be a retro roll-back to the pre-FMS avionics or a UPS style glass cockpit upgrade for the 306. Their wording on the matter is, at best, vague.

I was also kind of hoping for something from PMDG but that doesn’t seem to have been the case.

Still, lots of exciting news from the event.


In their video, he states that TM gets daily email for an upgraded TQS. Perhaps the demand defies logic.