Game Deals & Book thread

I would just like everyone to acknowledge and congratulate me - I made it through the entire Christmas/Holiday sale without purchasing a single thing…




Me too…I just spent the money on MSFS stuff instead. :woozy_face:


SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends January 5

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Jurassic World Evolution free on Epic store.
It’s pretty amazing!


Nice!! Got mine! Thanks for the heads up, I had forgotten about todays giveaway. I’ve been looking forward to playing this one.

As for Dirt rally 2.0. I loved the first one. It was fantastic but what is the DLC situation like as it looks a right mess. Is it worth just getting the base game or do I need to spend a fortune to get content as a lot of it looks like Dirt Rally 1 content recycled.

Well, the Game of the Year Edition seems to include everything and it’s only $11

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Been looking forward to grabbing that. Kids are disappointed I don’t immediately have a TRex and won’t put a Carnotosaurus in with my starter herbivores…


Can you play as Nedry? I’d find that fun.

I had a similar issue today. We didn’t last long playing before we fell out to be Frank. 4 year old just wants to watch the world burn. who would of guessed


I just thought I had better warn you all.

I’ve just killed the 3rd Hell priest in DOOM Eternal. I am the now the most terrifying being in the Universe.


Seriously though. Has anyone else played this? I loved Doom 2016. My wife went away for the weekend and I sat and completed it in one amazing sitting. I have been waiting for Eternal to come down in price and bought it with the Steam sale. I wasn’t totally convinced at first. Sort of like a bastardized version of call of duty and Doom. But now I’m a long way into it I think I may be one of the best games I’ve ever played. The music is INCREDIBLE. The locations and environments are just fantastic and varied. The enemies just look and sound amazing and the DOOM Slayer is just a force of nature once you get him kitted up. I was having constant ammo shortages at first but now I’ve got the gameplay loop figures out I am just unstoppable. I won’t give away anything because the story is actually quite fun despite being totally ridiculous.
There are a few set pieces that just made me sit and stare for a bit. It makes you feel as hard as nails. I love it. Utter nuts. Completely and utterly nuts.


That’s a strong endorsement if I ever saw one lol.


Hehe thought the same.

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I…really, really REALLY like it. I feel like the baddest dude on the planet. Sat on my sofa like a big pudding :yum:

Has anyone played The Last of Us: Part II? It takes a lot to get me away from sims, but I really enjoyed the original.

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Wow. You guys should jump at this next week. Pretty big AAA release.

The visuals and sounds in this game are unreal.


It’s a really good game, and free makes it insane not to pick up.

What day is this going to be free?

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Next Thursday


Excellent!! Thats a really cool one to get for free. I’ve held off buying it for so long


Recently installed Epic Games launcher on my new rig for Crysis Remastered, was about £16 and was cheaper I know but missed deadline, but in for a penny in for a pound and tried it … was surprised, got an introductory off of Crysis Remastered for joining Epic Games and got it for £6, no hoops to redeem to jump through either :slight_smile:

Noticed they had another free game last week, Jurassic Park Evolution, its a sort of strategy management game, no idea if its good or not … but as we say … Free is Free … I’ll give it a look some day soon, do like strategy games once in a while … missed their City Skyines game offer, perhaps they will do it again?

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