Game Deals & Book thread


Links in this article that goes straight to the 0.8 combined download.


Aha, so it’s a fork of the original MWLL, interesting! Note that the official website still advertises the .7 version from 2013 so it didn’t look very active in development.


Free Mass Effect 2 on EA’s Origin today. Worth a look if you’ve not played it, although the DLC ‘bioshock points’ purchase method is still hanging around like a bad smell.


Big sale over at BIS

Does not seem to apply to Steam store, though. :frowning:
If you buy through the BIS site, it looks like it gives you a key to activate on Steam.


Big Dovetail sale on Steam, including FSX and Train Sim products.



I will probably pick up the L1011 in this sale - starting on the 11th:

We are pleased to announce that exclusively at Captain Sim online store, from 00:00 to 23:59 11JAN2017 (UTC) everything is $9.99. Visit us at: 24 hours only. At 23:59 11JAN2017 (UTC) all prices are back to regular.


Beat me to it. Will look at the L-1011. The B777 with freighter and Android tablet CDU are really nice.


Yeah…the L1011 Freighter just in case Air Hauler 2 never makes it to X-Plane 11…


Of course…there is always too…hmm…decisions, decisions…


I love trijets, but the dammit if the 707 is not one of the prettiest narrow body airliners there is. The nose found on the 737, the tail on the 747, the wings. Well I don’t know. But damn if it aint pretty!


If you Subscribe for Humble Monthly (initial cost 12$) you get X-Com 2.

Plus a lot of other games. Essentially you can subscribe, pay 12$, get X-Com 2, unsubscribe and be a happy fellow.

How Swell!


Reminder - the Captain Sim sale is on for the next (22 hours and 21 minutes)…everything is $9.99 (I did pick up the L-1011 Cargo variant)


How deep is the systems modelling on the Captain Sim aircraft? I could see myself getting a 737-200, especially for $10, but it’s gotta have buttons.


I think it is quite good. My last real experience with them was more in the FS9 era…but I’m pretty sure they are very good…


Here is a video of the B757 cold and dark start…looks pretty comprehensive…


Arg… I’ve always wanted the C-130 they did but I haven’t touched FSX in ages but… thats like a $90 savings!!!


Also…you can check out the manuals first…


Picked up the 777 base pack, just to see how it is. $10 is a good deal and it’ll make a change from the Airbus stuff I usually do in FSX. Shame I have all this X-Plane scenery now though :wink:

EDIT: It’s ‘ok’ as in a bit dated and not quite at the standard of, say the Aerobus A318 but still good. It works well in VR, although some of the switches are fiddly. Good frame rate on it. Had a quick flight, FMS and autopilot play and there’s lots to play with. I don’t think it has the flight computer error modes, but the Navaid data seems pretty good. For $10 it’s looking great value so far.


As a 732ophile I’ve looked into the Captain Sim one early last year, and it appears to be quite good although slightly overpowered and suffers from over performance compared to the real thing. Systems wise it seems to be pretty on point.