Game Deals & Book thread


aaah, this looks so good, but I have not enough time to even play my new DC10


I really enjoyed it on a quick flight last night. For $10 it seems great so far. No checklists in the manuals, but there is an in-built MFD checklist, plus the ‘electronic flight bag’ iPad thing looks fun - I plan to load that up with charts tonight.

I’m tempted by the C-130 but get the impression that it’s more a FS9 sort of era product.


I also bought the 777. Let’s see if I can get it into the air. Only thing I flew in FSX was the stock C172.


Try the cold & dark challenge! (Bring it to life without consulting a manual…) You win if you can get it airborne without consulting a manual…you lose if…


Challenge accepted!

I already managed to install it without a manual. Does this count into the final score?


3 points out of 100…now ya’ gotta get the doors shut, APU on, and some engines on…LOL… And we don’t need all that INS stuff or navigation stuff…just engines running and enough systems to get you around the pattern. We are generous that way… :smiley:


Dirt Showdown is free today on Humble:

It’s quite nice, and the reason these things go free is that the music license for in-game tracks is about to expire, so they will no longer be allowed to sell it (not without patching out the music anyway). At least this way they get some advertising and hopefully some nice franchise mentioning reviews too. It will be unlisted in the Steam Store at the end of this month, but if you claim it before then it’ll be in your library forever.

You can link (and then unlink if you want) your Steam account to verify you’re not just key gathering.


My son loves Dirt Showdown…the split screen action is pretty good…


The true first X-Com for free on Humble Bundle!


Nice. Grabbed.

X-Com came from Laser Squad (and I guess Rebelstar?) before that I think? The Gollop brother’s earliest one. Great ZX-Spectrum title…

Couldn’t resist a memory lane (16k) detour.

I thought these graphics were photo-realistic at the time. Memory is a funny thing.

…I mean, look at the loading screen - it was like being there!

Plus staring at the Cassette in-lay while it took 15 minutes to load didn’t help.

I wasn’t the only one - check out the review of the time. “The graphics are quite superb…”

You can play here via emulator ( W, X, A , D for cursor keys as they mapped to the Kempston Joystick :slight_smile: )!rebelstar


I played Rebelstar Raiders on the ZX Spectrum. I must have been about 15 years old at the time. Now I feel old! :slight_smile:


I bought this book, in Canada, at Costco for $17.00:

It really a great book, a lot of maps and such. I am thinking about going back to get another one just for the price, of course there might be something wrong with me :smiley:

Dont know if the US might have the same book in their Sams Club stores, but watch for it if you are interested in this stuff.


I always love the idea behind Breach 2 and its integration with that space strategy game- Rules of Engagement!

We need so many more games like that. With players sharing different aspects of Warfare…


Neat! I love maps so I’ve added that to my “to get” list.


As someone who studied cartography I can hardly say no to that one. Added to my wish list, thanks for posting!


Namco Bandai Humble Bundle, with Ace Combat for whatever you wanna pay for it and Project CARS if you pay more than the average. (Also, Naruto, if there’s any anime fans here)


I’ve sent a large image of the book to my wife’s phone to look out for while shopping next at the costcow. She sent something back something terse that is either a mating ritual or directions to a very anglo-saxon sounding town.


I keep buying stuff like this in the hopes I won’t get “invited” to go shopping anymore, so far no luck…


Start putting on the womens clothes. That’ll get you uninvited real quick.


Then again, it largely depends where you go shopping, with those clothes. I had… uhm, mixed experiences.