Game Deals & Book thread


I doubt it, I tried the approach where everytime she would reach for something on the shelf, I would flinch like she hits me… that didnt work. When she needs to pick up womanly things, I announce that loudly on our way to that part of the store… still nothing.


Project Cars will be Free Feb 15th for Xbox One Gold Members.


Uuuh… guys. This humble bundle monthly is kinda big thing! Next month for 12$ you get Total War WARHAMMER! (Plus lotsa of other games).
Darn… please anyone find me some willpower! I need to resist! D:


They are having some pretty good titles in their monthly bundle. I signed up for X-Com 2.


Ditto. X-Com 2 was totally worth it.


Total war warhammer is superb for that price.


Just remember, you’re holding out for the A6.



Loved the movir until I read the book.
Mt gods… the movie IS an horrific adaptation.


…but Willem Dafoe…


That’s actually my point. In the book he survives! WHY OH WHY they HAD to have him die in that idiotic scene?!? :rage:


Falcon 4 at 50% off on Steam. Convenient way for BMS etc.


But this…

is more complete.


It is, but if reaching an arms length is too much trouble for me to get a CD, then moving the mouse to start another download is up there too. :slight_smile:



Well played Sir.


Project Cars GOTY Edition is on sale now for $8.93 - I’m probably going to pick it up because I have Project Cars, but only had 3 of the DLC, so this will complete my collection…



I never coded for it to work with bundles! :slight_smile:


I just figured I broke something (again)…


On @chipwich’s connection, that kid is going about 600 mph…


$30 for Witness, Sub, DotT, etc is a pretty good deal even if you ignore the charity aspect…