Game Deals & Book thread


Here ya’ go @Magnum50 - one specially for you…! $1.99 Kindle deal…

Killing Trail: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery


cool… will check it out…

Speaking of books, a good friend of mine, fellow gamer, is one hell of a good writer… haven’t released a bad book yet, especially the stories of MASON STONE, definitely check them out… I’m addicted to the Mason Stone stories, "The saint of 7 mile…etc etc) it’s me in so many ways, beliefs and all… except with a dog and not a cat. :wink:


75% off blood bowl 2. If enough people play I could be enticed. Mudspike blood bowl league?


Have it, love it, i am in… at that price, its a darned good buy. I would love to do a mudspike league


If we have a couple more people interested I’ll pick it up.

Any takers?


Do it! i am pretty sure @klarsnow and @near_blind would like it. Its a great game to pick up and play for just half an hour or longer of course.

Look at some of the races released as extra dlc, they do offer variety.


I have no clue how Blood Bowl works.
I have played Warhammer AoS for a few months and saw the Board game but thought: Meh, no players in my town and I don’t have time and/or money to buy and paint that stuff.


It’s literally fantasy football.

I played the original blood bowl for like 30 minutes, so I too know nothing. But I like that you can set up a league and stuff, player injuries/deaths are permanent, you can do trades. I think it’d be great. But we need more than 3-4 players to make a decent league of anything.


Blood bowl 2 Is pretty much a turn based american football with warhammer characters and violence is an expected part of gameplay. It is rpg as well in many areas plus injuries and perma death…yeah thats right perma death muuuwahahaha, and add to that an element of football manager… There is quite a bit of depth to understanding it, but playing it is relatively straight forward.

There is no “downs”, however turnover or the other persons go occurs if you loose the ball, fail a pass, fail an action. The last part is crucial as it adds a great element of gameplay where you need strategy in your actions. I.e., do you risk pounding more of the enemy to take them out risking a fail before moving your guy with the ball, or play it safe leaving a chance for the enemy to batter you on the next round etc.

Getting shoved into the sidelines means you character will be beaten savagely by the crowd and your player at minimum will be knocked out.

You can be dirty too, fancy stomping on a downed player, go ahead, you may get penalised from the ref, you may not… but you can bribe him too.

Basically you start off by picking your race and most play differently. Then with starting cash you build a team, good to have reserves as there will be blood, but who and how many will you spend your money on? will you spend extra money on a star player or conserve cash for other goodies?

From there you hire a coach, and apothecaries (you need these) and other bits and pieces that you may want, like wizrds, chefs, cheerleaders, even choose a sponsor. You can upgrade your stadium for more revenue

From there, any left over cash can be spent just before each match on extra items or star players you may need due to attrition. Players age and can make retirement or you can level up players and sell them off for cash.

Once that is done (its not as difficult as it sounds) you are ready to play, offline, online your team will grow mame and die along the way. The more you play, the more experience your team members get and they can be upgraded over time with better attributes, mutations and other things, as well as injuries and death.

Levelling up characters is a semi random affair so there will always be variety.

At the end of a match, you will be given a payment and you have to manage your funds to keep your team going.

A league is great fun as you can set a starting points value so all teams will be the same level. Then watch the teams evolve over the league. Hi tanking players are great and a benefit on the field, but they do become a target of gross violence as the loss of this player (or even better the death of this player) will be a big blow.

Loosing the game, don’t despair, there is always violence. Hit mame kill, these will all adversely affect the opposition in their next games and financially too!

Anyway, its easy to pick up, has depth, comedy, loads of strategy with a big helping of lady luck in the dice rolls.


that write up sold me lol. I was leaning toward getting it anyway, but ya, will be getting that and downloading when I get home.

Might be available to get my behind thumped after 10pm est tonight. Maybe.


I watched a couple of Blood Bowl 2 games on Steam broadcast. Not my thing, but looks like a nice strategy/board game conversion for sure. Broadcasts come and go, but some here:


Coolio, rhino, if i am on tonight, i will be on teamspeak if you want any run throughs, otherwise just play with it for a bit, you will get the hang of it


There are streams on twitch too. Wasn’t aware people actually used steam broadcasting.


Helicopter Simulator 2014 - Search and Rescue - which we originally reviewed a few years ago, is a whole 69 cents…


Has anyone here tried Astroneer? Is it any good?
I heard people describe it as "No Man’s Sky but fun"


I picked it up the other day. It is pretty neat. Kind of like a 3rd person view Subnautica, but set on the surface of a planet (actually several planets). You start off scavenging the basics for survival. There are resources scattered around, some of them you have to dig for. I like it so far. It is still in it’s infancy though, so consider it early, early access.


Downloaded BB2 yesterday and managed to get through the “tutorial” first campaign match.

I’m a total scrub and took 6 turns to score a touchdown :slight_smile:

Let the AI pick my first team and we’ll see how things go from there. Not much time to play this weekend unfortunately (maybe sunday), but looking forward to playing more.


Nice one. I think @near_blind picked it up as well, only 45 minutes left on the sale


I picked it up as well, as I really enjoyed the first BB. BB2 had been on my wish list for a while so I grabbed it.

Two things -

  1. Your players will drop the ball for no reason at the WORST time.

  2. I hate the Elves. You will too.


lol, yeah. But I find it satisfying (When you do catch an elf) to punch it squarely in the face.