Game Deals & Book thread


No need to say more…


Those block heads.


AUGH YES. How I’ve waited for a modern game of similar ilk to come. This will suffice for now.


Can’t tell if this looks good or hilariously bad. Haha.


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50% at MILVIZ, “The sale will begin on Thursday at 23:00 EST, and will run to Friday 23:00 EST.” Super Sabre anyone?


Own it, it’s good do recommend, wish it was in dcs and not fsx/p3d is my only complaint


Hmm…considering some of those. Wish there was more to do with FSX helos…


Milviz C310R is still one of my favorite FSX/P3D twins, their B55/E55 is solid too, wish they would bring their GA stuff to XP11.


Origin Free Game time…

This time around it’s Syberia II, a point n click adventure puzzle. First one was ok, never played this one. 128MB of video ram required.


Wings Over Flanders Fields: Ultimate Edition

Early Easter Special Offer now on!

And the fresh Review: Wings Over Flanders Fields: Ultimate Edition


If at any point you were intrigued by Titanfall 2 but felt it needed to come down in price for a purchase to happen, it’s 60% off right now…

Battlefield 1 is also on sale…but Sci-Fi WW1 is not the way…


CMANO is 66% off on Steam right now and can be had for 27 dollars.


Oh man…that is pretty tempting…


Alright. Convince me to buy this. In all honesty, it looks too complex for me perhaps. I just spent the last hour watching videos showcasing Command: Northern Inferno (which can be had for $9.99 at the moment), but wow…it seems like a lot is going on. But it does seem like a good time killer for when I’m on my laptop…


Ah nuts…I decided to go ahead and try Northern Inferno for the price of a movie…


You movie tickets are cheap!


Sorry @BeachAV8R, I didn’t see this until just now -

Have you seen this thread?

The community scenario pack should work with Northern Inferno. It has the scenario above as well as a ton more, both easy and VERY involved. Get it here -


Spintires 85% off at bundlestars


Anyone know if Minecraft Story Mode would be appropriate for a seven year old?