Game Deals & Book thread


You know what is fun? - when you see something on sale…and you want it…but you double check your e-mail to make sure you didn’t buy it years ago…and you find out you did (and you still have the key!)…saved me $17.20…!

Guess the airport (it’s easy!)…


I’ve been pondering that SH-3 as well…but as I went through the screens on the store, it does look a bit dated and rough in some areas (textures-wise). But it is such an iconic helo…I’m torn…this kind of texturing does give me a bit of pause…


Very much agree Chris. I think that the bar has been raised too high to enjoy legacy looking 3D pits.


Fun game but holy crap does it suck battery power…


I reached lvl12 in the meantime. If you just ignore the crates and open them when they are done you can have fun with the game despite progressing slowly.
I will soon get the third slot on the ship, that will make missions a tad easier. Building the base is VERY slow if you don’t spend money.


checked a review on it recently and it just doesn’t seem to do it for me. Looks fascinating though.


Yeah…it tweaks a lot of curiosity boxes in my mind…which makes me want it, but if I stare at the screens of it for too long, I get a bit turned off by it. If I didn’t have a whole bunch of other aircraft I should be flying, that’d be one thing…but I have too many planes as it is. I’m having the same struggle with the Tu-154 - I think I want it because it is a quirky little beast…but I’m not sure if I really want it…

Definitely first world problems… :rolling_eyes:


That’s an indicator that you shouldn’t get it. That’s been my attitude lately. I’m not 100% certain means don’t buy.


Alright…I think I got out of this year’s .ORG sale pretty cheap…the only two things I bought were the vFlyteair PA-140 Classic - because I spent about 600 hours flying one as a CFI…so it has a special place in my heart.

And of course…the plane that has been long on my list…the Quest Kodiak…

New photo by Christopher Frishmuth


Verdun is 70% off. Anyone have opinions?

@Linebacker @Prof @Andrew116 @DeadMeat @adlabs6 and anyone else I missed


For the price it looks like a really good deal ! Even if we only play it a couple of times, it’s cheap enough you get your moneys worth. You can play it free for two days right now. I’m trying it right now.


I can be around in about 40 mins I think.


Certainly looks interesting. I gotta look into a solution to expand my drive space here so I can download all these new games since everything seems to be 12gb lol


I can be on in about 10 min max.

earlier if someone is there now.


Hi, just saw the messages, so I missed you guys. I did download and try it. It is visually very, nice. Great job on the graphics but disappointed with “playability”. If you walked around, you were quickly killed by some one you couldn’t see. I had to wait in one of the shell holes for some one else to walk around and kill them. On the public server I was directed to, I was almost always killed by guys on my side. On that server they killed anyone they saw regardless of the side. The game disabled my anti-virus software in order to run, without notifying me. I really didn’t like that. I hesitate to say we should get this now, because I think people who play Insurgency or Day of Infamy won’t like the playability at all. What do you guys think ?


I played a bit last time. It was kinda like Rising Storm style. Felt less polished, to be honest. Rising Storm also suffers from the “died from someone you never knew was alive” syndrome, but I dunno, Rising Storm just feels more complete.

I did enjoy my hour or so with Verdun, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it, really. I’d play it, yes, but I’m not leaning towards the “recommend” side, if you know what I mean.

I think part of the problem is that games like Insurgency and Day of Infamy are very clear in their objectives. Verdun is less clear. The mechanics aren’t entirely straight forward, and you spend so much time ducking into holes that it’s hard to get a feel for the game before just getting frustrated because someone popped you from god knows where a hundred times. I think that’s the big drawback, and it applies kinda to Rising Storm too. It’s really easy to get frustrated with the game before you ever learn how it’s really played because you can die so quickly.


one day sale 66% off Project Cars, a must for VR and good on a monitor too :wink:


Witcher series is up to 85% off on steam. Witcher 3 Wild hunt 40%off


Project cars back on it’s deal. Bundle is -74% off. Now that I’ve got VR, I guess I’ll pick this up. Only play with a controller, but hey. Bundle page doesn’t show the widget.


Apparently PayDay 2 is free for a bit here, but you get to keep it.