Game Deals & Book thread


Interesting … I’ve always wondered about Payday 2. Now I own it. :+1: Thanks Andrew.


I have that and am willing to play if we have 4. I don’t think I have any of the paid dlc. Will need to install if we’re going to play, so let me know ahead of time.


I have an early morning tomorrow so I’ll let this 17GB (!) download while I hit the sack. I’m definitely interested though Rhino … I just have to know what this thing is first. :slight_smile:


Pretty good deal on ARMA 3, DLCs and Apex right now. If you don’t have A3 or the Apex expansion, now may be the time. :slight_smile:

ARMA 3: $13.59 US
ARMA 3: Apex Edition $23.79 US
Apex Expansion: $11.89 US


That’s a damn good deal. Might have to pick up the 2nd bundle. I’ve got a few hundred hours into ARMA. $20 for a few hundred more is worth it.


Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault is free on Origin at the moment. An oldie but goodie.


didnt they just have BF1942 up there?


Fantasy General for free on GOG.COM


Dying light (the following - includes the expansion + several DLC), enhanced edition is only $20 on GOG. A hell of a lot cheaper than Steam at the moment.

Anyone fancy some Zombie Parkour slashing shooting running hiding RPG type of action in a co-op scenario ?


Be careful with this - It looks like you can only Multiplayer with other GOG versions -

@Bogusheadbox what version do you have?


Dovetail Sale on Steam this weekend. almost everything Train Sim, Flight Sim World, FSX is 50-70% off. I refunded FSX before, but might be worth $8 now.


Fsw didn’t show as on sale when I looked at the announcement fyi


Oops, I have the gog version.

Hmmm but if everyone else has a steam version, I can easily refund it.

Why on gods earth would you split the player base like that?


Hmm. Greenmangaming really wants me to buy Playerunkonwns Battlgrounds. Yet another 27% off coupon.


Calling @linebacker you around tonight? I suppose I could be enticed finally to get battlegrounds


@Rhinosaurus, ya sure! I’ve been meaning to try the Duo and Squad modes! I’ll show ya my favorite drop zone. So what, like 9pm?


I’m good as soon as steam comes up and I can download. on TS now.



Hey, I just read that the first episode of the latest Hitman is now free! That’s a pretty good deal! I actually haven’t tried it so I can’t say if it’s good or not though.


Hmm. I enjoyed Absolution even though I never finished it. Will have to look into that to add to my list of “hasn’t been played” games.


Holy crap, lots of fun tonight @Rhinosaurus! Looking forward to more in the future. There’s also a “Squad” mode so anyone interested in some great team oriented survival gaming should definitely join up.