Game Deals & Book thread


Rumor has it that the Steam Summer sale will be starting June 22 at 1PM Eastern…


Take my money @BeachAV8R


yup, tomorrow…


Servers didnt even last 15 minutes.


My Steam Sale top picks:

If you don’t have it already, then hit ‘Add to cart’. Great writing and not too tricky.

A really nice game (Game of the Year all DLC edition as well), I almost played to the end. Ignore the logic of the lore, it’s a nice adventure/fight game with some strategy.

An odd change of pace game, and if you’ve ever played Harvest Moon on handheld then it’s like that.

Also, pretty good deals on the ARMA stuff, but assuming everyone here has it already :slight_smile:


Possibly the best serious driving sim on the market for under £12:

Or, the Kerbal Space Program of Cars for £13:


-40% on All DCS Steam Modules
(Note M-2000C Cannot be activated on DCS Standalone, while the older ones should still be able too)


Made my first impulse buy. Huey.


I’m tempted by the Huey too. I have DCS Standalone but SkateZilla is saying it “should” work. (?)


The only module that wont transfer over from steam is the mirage. I use open beta standalone and it worked fine


Its also a lot of fun to fly. My biggest complaint is it made me see how jacked up the trees are in 1.5…Its amazing what you dont notice when youre burning around in fast movers. I havent loaded up NTTR yet to test it there, yet. I popped in the Through The Inferno mission and completed a CSAR on my first flight. Had a lot of fun, although you dont get anything for doing those. Just the satisfaction of being a bad MOFO in a huey.


Ugh … @Rhinosaurus and I were about to drop into another PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds round last Tuesday night but just beforehand he announced “I GOTTA GO” on TeamSpeak and left. Seemed a bit strange but that’s the nature of TeamSpeak sometimes. :slight_smile: The thing is that that’s the last I’ve seen or heard from him since so I’m getting a bit anxious since I knew his wife was expecting their second child.

Anyway, hoping for the best Rhino! Throw us a frickin’ bone here! :slightly_smiling_face:


So apparently Dying Light added VR support recently…has anyone tried it with the Rift?


I haven’t, but heard the support is a bit raw still, sort of a mouse hack you enable in a config file. With lots of jumping around and parkour using the left thumb stick, not sure my stomach would like it.


@linebacker haha sorry man. That was def a trip to the hospital. Got sent home but we were back like 6 hours later and 6 hours after that she was born.

All seems well and we got sent home yesterday afternoon. Little bit of a rough start to night #1 but she settled after a while and we survived! She’ll be 48 hours around noon today!


Congratz! :slight_smile:


WHOHOO! Congratulations!


Well done :blush:


Congratulations !


If it’s still the same price on gog, I think dying light is a tad cheaper. I got it for about 20 us.
I think @near_blind bought it from gog as well. Trying to rope him into multiplayer