Game Deals & Book thread


All Modules Except the M-2000C Still use Starforce Proactive DRM License Key, meaning you can use the License Key w/ DCS Standalone without problems.

DCS: Huey is Fun by itself, but even more so in VR.


Any VR guys have or looking at Landfall?

Has 2 player co-op apparently.

Obviously don’t have a ton of time to play right now, but it’s on sale -34% so would be up for it if someone else is interested and isn’t awake when I’m asleep :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been looking at it…I picked up Final Approach: Pilot Edition last night and am just floored by how cool looking and fun it is. I can’t wait to let my son play it…he’s going to flip out. It has so many cool little touches…very polished. It isn’t hard to imagine how they could adapt that to make a fantastic VR Sim Copter game…that’s for sure…


Hmm. Might grab that. Are you using steamvr? I tried it and hated it. Was very hard to set up and not user friendly I found.


Insurgency is -85% at bundlestars. Tonight is also insurgency night on linebackers server. You do the math.


I am using SteamVR. I’ve not had much problem with it…other than the annoying tendency to pop up to tell me that my sensors aren’t detecting my Rift when I’m not playing a game and just have it on the desk in front of me. And yeah…for $3.74 - that is a pretty great deal for a fun time.


I also did pick up Dying Light and gave it a whirl last night in VR - it is amazing…BUT…it will require some additional VR legs because it does make me a bit sick (particularly the cut scenes). But the lighting and VR world is just incredible.

Day One of the sale wasn’t too bad for me. A few were on sale…but it didn’t really look like they were part of the Summer Sale…so they might go lower at some point…


Thanks for the heads up!


Landfall played great when I tried it. I’m not very RTS’y but in VR it was really nice.


Ya, so $1.50 Canadian for Insurgency on Steam too eh.

Don’t forget Day of Infamy at $13 … we meet on Saturday nights for that.


@Bogusheadbox. I also have “THE FOREST”. Was an early backer. Let me know if you want to coop in it.


Assetto Corsa is 50% off on steam. All dlc is dirt cheap as well

Now is a great time to get it for “Toppo’s Track Day”. A groovy little server hosted by the one and only @Toppometer


Assetto Corsa + VR… Its magic. I have spent a lot of time with this as of late.


So this is one of those odd recommendations - Kopanito All Stars Soccer (currently 70% off - $3.59). I picked it up in the last Steam sale and am just now getting around to playing it the past week with my son…and it is fantastically fun. I think it has support for up to 4 controllers + 1 keyboard. Kai and I play each other with the quirky teams and the gameplay is very fun - passing, slide tackles, stealing the ball, and some “power ups” that make for some unique gameplay. Very fun local multiplayer (I haven’t tried it with internet multiplayer)… We play it with two X-Box controllers…


It looks fun. Will give it a go for local co-op.

Basket not looking too bad so far today…



something is afoot in your post…

the sum of the prices do not match the subtotal :no_mouth:


Ah, another Valve bug… :wink:


That’s a good list. Command and Assetto Corsa are definitely things I’m considering…(and of course the F/A-18)


But of course I do this instead :slight_smile:


How about those own goals when you don’t realize your goalie has the ball already…LOL…