Game Deals & Book thread


LOL…that made me laugh. I was called a “septic” in a London cab once…


Great games on Sale on GOG.COM!
Interplay catalog!


On GOG.COM there’s deals! The important part is Hidden & Dangerous francise 75% off! :smiley:


hmmm. And it’s cheaper than the title says. Shows $29.74 for me. Apparently the DLCs are kinda necessary for visually identifying aircraft and adding real airlines to the game, etc…

Anyway, for those interested. Pro version has voice recognition.


That looks really cool…tempting…just…no…time…LOL…


Ya. Seems to.have multiplayer too.


I’m not sure I can resist this one… :blush:


Man, it’s an extra $10 for it to use a real schedule with proper airline codes/callsigns (basically a text file), and then an extra $7 per airfield to get the real liveries on them in-game. It’s the case where I don’t mind spending for the base game but then feel awful about that DLC. I mean, who would want a ‘Pro’ ATC sim but with no liveries and pretend airlines? It seems a gouge and has put me off.


Ya that was my biggest issue with it as well, especially given the price. And even on sale it’s $11 an airport (normally $20+ cdn) for the likes of kjfk ksan and katl (not on sale).

Kinda still interested but I hate those dlc practices.


Obviously learned it from DTG



Just scored this addition for the home office library, in like-new condition from Second Chance Books via Amazon for about half the original retail price. Will go nicely with @bunyap2w1’s recently released Spit campaign.


Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations is on sale for $27.19 (66% off)…not sure if this is a historically low price or not…


You can use the discount code summer10 to get an extra 10% off the new price. Bringing the grand total to €22,63



Free is a good deal for Deadlight. Available for the next 24 hours.


Checks Steam library. Confirmed owned. Darn.


Yay! A shoe I don’t have…



Hey look…it’s a Mudspike LAN party…!


That is so Y2K. The new crew…