Game Deals & Book thread


I’m going to plug the website of a good friend of mine, Mike Ray. He was a STUF pilot back in the 60s who went on to a glorious career in the airlines, but his real passion is computer flight simulation, specifically the FS-series sims and he wrote a ton of manuals for various aircraft in the game.

Mike is a hysterically funny guy and the only one I know who landed an airliner in Beirut while the airport was being shelled. A side note on how well his manuals are written, he was interviewed by the FBI after 9/11 to determine if using FS9 and his manuals could’ve helped the hijackers know the airplane systems (turns out it wasn’t a factor).


I have been eyeing his A320 color, bound manual for some time now. If I get the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate, I think I’ll take the plunge…



OMG OMG OMG! Who owned a C64?
Look no further!


Amazing Star Wars deals:


CMANO 73% off at fanatical with code May10





This is REALLY a great game! Free!


Yep, me again.

But for $.99 you bring home…

And works great on Win7/8/10/20/42/OMFGWTFBBQ!


This is just glorious!
One of the best 4X ever for FREE!


R6 siege is 50% off now In addition to free weekend


VRFC (Virtual Reality Football Club) is 50% off ($9.99)… I’m tempted to give it a whirl as a “football” fan…

EDIT - Free weekend actually, so I’ll give it a whirl this weekend…! 5/24 to 5/27

(This is a PSVR review…but similar for Rift…)

#1178 has a big sale on, as does X-Aviation. I kind of wish I had held off on getting that Eclipse now. Lol.


I got off easy this sale. Around $75… There were a couple other things I was hovering my BUY button on, but they just didn’t make their way into my cart. I was hoping the A320 Ultimate would be on sale. The Hawker 4000 I bought because it sounds like it is going to get a significant upgrade in the coming months as well.

St. Helena might be on the short list of possible Challenging Airports articles for the magazine, and the Molokai/Kalaupapa scenery was just too pretty to pass up. The Challenger 300 I had long ago and am just curious how the upgrade to XP11 went…so I went for that too.

I should probably go ahead and purchase the Rotate MD80 Pro too…I think I only have the XP10 version if I’m not mistaken…but I need to research that.

Also on the fence about the Grand Arctic Scenery and Amazon packages…gonna have to have a think on those…

As well, for some reason the Salt Lake City airport looks appealing…

Shoe shopping…sigh…


Did you just do the upgrade to the Challenger 300?


I had to buy it outright. My old Challenger copy was a press copy from several years back. Sometimes, those are copies that are just sent to me directly from the developer, so they generally don’t have any support (updates). So since there was no invoice for it, I can’t go the upgrade route…which is all good…I like supporting developers that seem to be doing good things.


also free on Steam this weekend


I’m also eyeing that X-Aviation Saab 340A. Reviewed it many years ago and it was fantastic. With the XP11 update I might have to pick that one up…


I’ve been eyeing up that one myself. I usually prefer to buy off the org though.


Yeah…I like having all my purchase invoices in one spot…they seem really good about keeping their download links active and updated. The .ORG has really been a nice place to shop over the years.