Game Deals & Book thread


Yeah…I’m interested in the career mode. I’ll buy it…but it is debatable whether anything will make me go through the hassle of pulling out my wheel…LOL…I need a garage/man cave in the worst way…


Is this true? …

“The VR mode for this game requires the use of a gamepad or a keyboard and mouse.”

No wheel in VR?


No. I think they mean it doesn’t work with the likes of touch controllers like VR wheel.


Ah ok thanks. I just finished watching YouTube of a guy playing it using Oculus Rift and steering wheel and just having a blast! After reading what @wingman1387 had to say, this is highly tempting. I’ll probably pull the trigger lol! :slight_smile:


I’ve heard it is better than Project CARS 1 in pretty much every way, and that was really nice, albeit a resource hog in VR. I would get it, but I didn’t play enough PCARs1 to justify it, not really because of how good the sim was, just more I never really got back into racing.


It’s not about wearing the shoes. It’s about owning the shoes.



That cat gif just made my day!


Oh wow… Just fired it up and it is awesome. It even plays well with an X-Box controller. I set all settings to maximum and even at 3440 x 1440 it didn’t bat an eye. Not sure how that works since I was in VR…but the monitor was full screen (does it just stretch the image…because when I zoom in on this screen I took, it looks pixelated…?). Anyway, it was awesome. I just picked a regular car (well…sorta regular), turned off all the driving assists and picked the California Highway as the racetrack. It was very, very nice in VR…


Yeah…I really didn’t need this game distracting me…but it’s pretty darn fun. Butter smooth with everything maxed out. No complaints from me (other than my awful driving…)


I pretty much love everything about driving games, apart from the actual driving part - I think I’m just not that in to it. Mind you, it took buying 100’s of them over the years to figure that out. :slight_smile: :oncoming_automobile:

SteamVR and/or Rift just ignore the desktop resolution, they do their own thing.


It’s a pretty insanely large collection of car types, tracks, and options. Each track has multiple course setup options (like configurations or segments of the tracks you will be running)…and it is very much like a flight sim in that you can set all manner of weather, winds, rain, time of day, season… I guess since I haven’t really booted up many race sims in the past few years I’m pretty floored at where they have gone…

The Camaro Z28 is a blast…I feel like I’m playing that game Driver…

Ooops…hard right over that hill…doh…!


Free to play: Totally Accurate Battlegrounds a funny take on Battle Royal games!


You probably answered this before - but when given the option upon launch of playing in Steam VR or Oculus VR - is it always better to pick Oculus VR?


Yes, better to pick the native SDK option.


Rocket league 45% off at GMG. Will link later busy moving.


Good luck with the move. Here you go, BlueMethRacing $11:


Talking of Rocket League, I do like their DLC approach:

Essentially it makes very very little difference to what car you use, and the base ones provide enough hitbox variation for it not to matter. The DLC is just fun and a nice way to support the base game with some cosmetic goodies.


Paradox big summer sale going on now -



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