Game Deals & Book thread


Steam Summer Sale is live.


Yeah…I’m eyeing Bomber Crew for $7.49…looks like a fun game to play on the flight to Australia (other than the planes in flames thing perhaps…)


On my radar as well.


It is a fun game, and surprisingly involved when you consider the customizations you can do to your aircraft and then the decisions you have to make while flying missions. At that price it is a steal.


I snatched MXGP3, ProjectCARS2 and Pinball FX VR.

Let the Pile of Shame grow!


I have a G29 and a Thrustmaster T300Rs on a Wheelstad Pro. I use the Logitech pedals with it. It’s in front of my tv w my “old” pc. It’s a 5930k w a 980ti. It plays fantastic on the huge tv. I play Asetto Corsa. It’s more realistic than Projec Cars. But you talked me into PC2 at that price…


Spintires: Mudrunner is 90% off at $2.99…can’t pass that up. I think that is the next version of the abandoned(ish) Spintires if my memory is correct - not sure why the link below is showing that price, it is $2.99…


C’mon, Beach, when are you going to have time to play these games. lol You still haven’t done much in PCARS 2 yet.

Having said that…get Rocket League and play with us Mudspikers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Umm…tomorrow? (not really)


LOL! I think they made a mistake on MudRunner … it’s now back to -40%. :slight_smile: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw -90%. I was thinking, “there goes MudRunner right into the crapper”. :slight_smile:


Weird…because it still shows 90% off for me:


Ah…maybe this:

90% is only for Spintires classic owners.
40% is the regular discount.


ah! gotcha. wicked discount.


I wonder if you could buy Spin Tires from someplace like Fanatical for $4.49, apply the code to Steam, and then that would make you eligible for the $2.99 MudRunner deal. Then you’d be getting it (essentially) for $7.48 instead of $17.99…

No guarantees that would work though… :smile:


What is the difference between Mudrunner and the original one?
Is it really improved gameplay?
Original was… so-so for me.



Bought those on the Steam Sale:

  • Commander Keen complete pack
  • Mages of Mystralia
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Shiny
  • MudRunner


Cold Waters is 30% off sitting at $27.99…is it worth it?


If you enjoyed Red Storm Rising back in the day, then Cold Waters is kind of like that with much better graphics. I have enjoyed it a lot.


X-Plane 11 is currently 34% off in the Steam sale- I do believe I’ll be picking it up this weekend.