Game Deals & Book thread


Yes it is. It is a fun game and can be quite simmy if you want it to.


Went ahead and purchased Cold Waters. Might see how it runs on my laptop as a traveling game. Thanks for the recommendations…!


Oh dear…someone hide @PaulRix’s wallet…

The usual warning!! - CHECK the X-Plane forums or developer forums to ensure that the aircraft you buy is X-Plane 11 compatible if that is the version you are using. There are plenty of aircraft in that sale that are NOT fully XP-11 compatible…so buyer beware!


Looks like that sale does include the FF A320 Ultimate but only drops the price from $89.95 to $80.90. I’m weighing this one because it is supposed to be the “ultimate” X-Plane aircraft at the moment…but given how much time I have to put into it at the moment, that might be money not well spent right now. I’ll give it a few days to sit and soak…


I’ve been eyeing that VFW 614 for so long…but still can’t bring myself to buy it because I just can’t tell from the pics and screens whether it would be worth it. I love quirky, old school aircraft like that…and I can tell it is a project close to the developer’s heart…but still on the fence about it.


Beach… You’re worse than me pretending you aren’t going to buy something once you have your eye on it.



Lmao love the girl who doesn’t even wait until she left the room.


The kid at 3:10 is me in the final hours of a sale when I finally (some would say inevitably) pull the trigger on my Shopping Cart…


I will be picking up FlyTampa Corfu for magazine writing purposes down the road (it has some interesting approaches). Of course…in doing some light research on that front…I spotted this:

So for legitimate article research…I really should buy the Felis Tu-154 right?? Right?


Too late :wink: . I already picked up the EuroFox and also the Ground Handling Delux plugin. I’m thinking that will be it for me this time though. I configured and ordered my Model 3 today, so now I have to do some serious saving in the next few months. :slight_smile:


Commandos on Steam (all of them good ones) for €0.79


Other good deals on Steam:


Heh… under 6 bucks.


ORBX has a 50% off sale for North America sceneries for the next 24 hours…(July 4)…


Tacview is 50% off


Is it helpful if oyu mostly (still) play SP Offline?


yes it is.


If you play instant action missions and never understood what just had killed you, you want to have TacView.

For pure local analysis, you can get along just fine with the free version. You need the pay version (among other nice to have features) if you want to make online analysis with your buddies easier. There is a built in screen sharing solution. You need the standard license to join and adcanced license to host.

There might be ways to work around this with teamviewer et al but I like to support the developers. I’ve used their tool for years and finally ordered a license yesterday.


Uhm, I guess I’ll first try the Free version. Thank you both! :smiley: