Game Deals & Book thread


Does it work well with the newer versions of DCS? I had issues getting it to work with 2.xx for some reason - I should give it another go.


It works for me (open beta) :slight_smile:


Tacview works fine for me. I bought the 15 bucks standard version. For me it is an indispensible tool in analysing and improving my BFM even in the week or so that I’ve been using it. Far better than just watching the buggy tracks recorded by DCS.


I jumped over there to see if Monument Valley was on sale for XP11. Wishful thinking on my part though unfortunately.


I got off cheap in this sale. I successfully resisted the VFW 614 (the day ain’t over yet) and the Tu-154, and the A320 Ultimate. But I did pick up a few sceneries that I was interested in…



You are going to like Corfu!

So far this time around I have picked up:
VSkyLabs EuroFox
VSkyLabs SF-25C Falke
Ground Handling Deluxe

I have the EV-55 Outback sat in my shopping basket right now. It seems great value at $12.95 but do I really need it? Lol.


DreamFoil Bell 206 …but I bought it actualy one week before sale :upside_down_face:


I’ll tell you - it will pale in comparison to things like the PC-12 or Twin Otter… It is a neat, quirky plane, but you probably won’t find yourself flying it a lot honestly…


Thanks Chris! I guess I’ll pass on it then.


Yeah…I hate to poo-poo it…because I did enjoy the many, many hours I spent in it on the Christmas Island flight…but I can see how it’d be sorta something uniquely appealing to me.


To be honest, I have a virtual hangar full of aircraft that are crying out for attention.


It’s why I’m holding out on buying the A320 Ultimate…I’d like to buy it, then sit down with one of Capt Ray’s books and really soak it in. Might be a winter project for me…



A good deal at 66% off today.


and Battle of Kuban is -10%


Sigh. Do I own that? I gotta check if I own that. Shoes!!


Thanks, I’ll give it a go at that price.


Interesting GOG.COM sale…
Quite a… diverse… selection of titles.


Whelp, I gave up and added even more stuff to my already overflowing backlog…


I do. Deal averted.