Game Deals & Book thread


I’m trying to hold out for the next gen but all this talk here lately is making it hard.

Prime Day on the Rift $349:

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System


Pour homme… :wink:


F1 2017 included…


Gamersgate has some interesting (albeit sometime old-ish) strategy games for sale!
Probably all activate on Steam.

Direct Link to all three pages.

Example: This is sweet! :smiley:

Dangerous Waters, Fleet Command, 688 Hunter/Killer and Sub Command in one comfy package!


@vr-heads (@admin how is this not a thing yet?)

Dirt Rally is included for $5


If you want a group for like-minded people to join/msg etc I can set one up. PM me!

For others wondering what that is, please checkout


I did not know about that feature!


Fallout four at less than 9$



Orbx is having a 50% off sale on most products, if anybody is interested. Not sure how long the duration is.


Just a quick bit of @Navynuke99 torture.

Flash deal:

Although I’d check it is region friendly, as not used that site before.


For those Mr Magoo’s out there, a VR titles sale:

I’m tempted by IronWolf, but not sure others will play.


Looks like VR sales deals are the thing to do.


I wonder how Everspace is. Might be a puke inducer though…but $10 seems like a good discount. Of course, I still have that X-Something game I need to fire up…


X-Rebirth VR?

I think Everspace is a 3rd person view rouge-like pew-pew. It looks fun but pretty light.

Did you ever try Elite Dangerous in VR? I can’t believe you never tried Elite Dangerous in VR. You must try Eliite Dangerous in VR. :slight_smile:


Like this shade of rouge?




:grin: I knew it.


Yeah…! That’s the one. I bought it a few months ago…fired it up for 10 minutes…was pretty impressed, but haven’t had a moment to get back to it.


An amazing indie title, definitely going to make you think, for free.


Only for a couple of days…


I’m pretty sure that @near_blind @smokinhole have IronWolfVR.

I’m just getting back into it and it’s come on leaps and bounds since I first played it. The road-map looks they want it to be some kind of open world, late WW2 dangerous waters in VR.