Game Deals & Book thread


When you see something in the Steam sale, get excited, but aren’t logged in to Steam, then log in, revisit the sale page, and realize you already own it…



Starting in a few hours the For Honor starter edition will be free (and yours to keep) until the 27th.


Sweet - exactly what I am willing to pay for it.


Having paid $0.00, I can say the process of playing and unlocking the heroes you find interesting is smooth enough. Balance and mechanics aren’t perfect, but it’s good fun, especially with buddies.


I picked this up for free last time it was out, and I still haven’t touched it.


WarHammer 40k Space Marine free on Humble Bundle (activates on Steam) for a short time!


Its one of the few WH40k games that resembles the IP.

Its a fun game, a must have for free


Space Marine is outstanding. If you don’t like it, I’ll suspect heresy is afoot.


Fifty games for fifty bucks. Interesting titles too…


Hoping for an .ORG or other Labor Day sale… Not that I need any new shoes. But I need some new shoes.



X-Aviation is having a Labor Day Sale:



Nice sale of a great selection of Bethesda titles.

DooM (2016) for less than 7$ and much more!
You’ll never believe what happens next!


GOG.COM has a MASSIVE sale! Steam is NOT required! :smiley:


Oooohhhh, i like gog! having a look now


Gog is the one where if you buy a game there the mulyiplayeray not be compatible with non gog versions right?


I don’t think its that common, but yes.

Dying light is the only gog game i own that is restricted multiplayer wise to other gog games. Researching the games you are interested in should tell you of any restrictions


This reminds me we have to play that again.


Yes we do !


METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Definitive Experience at 6$!



30% off all aircraft.
Midnight Thursday 13th Sept to midnight Sunday 16th