Games we are playing


Battlezone (VR) is at 50% this weekend. Just bought it, as it’s been on my wishlist since release - just waited for a sale :slight_smile:


Humble Bundle for August just unlocked, games if you scroll down a bit here. It’s really good value and I am starting to like the format where it gives me a wild selection to play.

You get these packs for $12

Just did a three player couch play of Overcook. A really fun game, and absolute chaos with lots of shouting :slight_smile:

Now tempted to get more couch co-op, with this one looking good:

The Steam Link, plus a with everyone on controllers makes for a good time.

My humble bundle referral link, just incase anyone does want to sign up (then I get more games that I don’t play etc)



I’m a fan, usually something in there that I might find entertaining.


I don’t know how many people still love Looking Glass games… above all Ultima underworld and whatnot…
Well this guy made a parser that allows you to experience Ultima Underworld in glorious 3D and mouselook in Unity.

Requires the original game files!

Fully playable Underworld 1* , backwardly compatible with the DOS originals with full-screen and mouse-look.

*Some non-core systems still need work.


Today I Learned that they made a TV Series base off the Adventure game “Maniac Mansion”, and yes it’s exactly as bad as you would imagine.

Here, I’m not going to suffer alone.


It’s ok, but it’s no Wing Commander Academy


Holy crap, I remember this one!


Dunno, at least Wing Commander was kind of Lore-friendly?


They made a cartoon out of that, too?
I missed that one. Unfortunately, I didn’t miss the film. So the games had an awesome cast with Tom Wilson, John Rhys-Davies, Malcolm McDowell, and of course Mark Hamill…and the film had crap besides Jurgen Prochnow who was miscast.

I also missed the Stargate SG-1 cartoon, and the Spaceballs cartoon, but apparently in every case that’s a good thing.

I do have the entire animated ST series on DVD. No Walter Koenig, but the rest were there. Some good eps in there, including the return of Harry Mudd for Roger Carmel’s 3rd and final appearance, but roughly on a par with S3 of TOS.


You forgot Ginger Lynn, with one of the immortal lines of the WC era.

She’s prepped, primed, loaded and locked, and ready to kick some ass.


…that really happened? Then again, I didn’t find out who she was until years after I played that one…



Just stumbled across this:

Looks interesting!


I found a video, it was surprisingly hard to find out the details about it. A rail controllers sim:

Not cheap to play though, about $50 a pack.


Yeah that’s a bit steep unfortunately. Still looks neat to me. Any rail simmers around here?


$50 to simulate flipping signals?

I haven’t watched the video yet but that seems crazy steep.


It does look pretty niche. A bit like those stressful ‘oh no, the people are all crashing’ ATC simulators where the user interface is pretty hostile (and realistic) but the gameplay is fun :slight_smile:


Got a couple here that have just turned 20:

Heavy Gear, which despite poor reviews of it at the time, was a defining game of my youth:

Quake II, which up until this year, I had only played the demo from all those years ago!

Both were released in 1997, 20 years ago! How the time flies.


Whimper I miss those games and atmospheres… :frowning: