Games we are playing


Yep, it really is, but I’m strangely drawn to it (probable OCD tendencies) when I’m thinking learning the Majestic Q400 in P3D is a bit much like hard work, after a long day at work and the kids are finally asleep.


3rd game in the season, playing as Le Voyous de Quebec on medium difficulty. 2-0 so far, against pretty decent teams. But, the Bluenosers aren’t the best. Expecting a gong show!

Face off time!

The Bluenosers don’t have the best defense, so I decide to take a risk and actually let them win the face off. The result?

I smash through, lay out the guy that picked up the puck, and it’s an instant break away. The result:

The rest of the game was largely uneventful save for a few fistfights. In the end?


Batman Arkham VR - Incredibly good looking and so immersive I actually lost my ever present sense of where I actually was in the living room while playing (this never and I mean never happens to me) but it’s extremely short. Main Story takes less than an h our, probably closer to 40-45 minutes for those who actually are familiar with the series more than I was, which lead to some moments where i stood there not knowing what to do and I still finished in under an hour.

Hey Joker, got your nose!


Does anyone else have a key for Quake Champions?

I was lucky enough to get one! :smiley:


A little Rick and Morty
but not little Rick, he’s no where to be found


Tried out some project cars in vr today (I suck at racing games, but they are funnnn).

Unfortunately, racing in vr seems to make me nauseous. The feeling I have right now… not funnnn.


I cant go back to non VR, not even Eyefinity/3 Screens…

I hope Forza 7 Supports VR


Can’t screen shot with GOG at the moment so pulled these pics of the area where I have started. “The Slums”

dodging the slow zombies in the day is easy. Night time is deadly. Though there are a few surprises to be had in the daytime that requires swift running.

Sticking to the rooftops is your friend and evades the hordes below. The parkour is good fun and provides many way to get around the open areas. This game is really great fun and a fantastic mix of stealth / action / evasion and just pure violence. This would be a hoot in multiplayer. Though you have to finish the first section (tutorial) to open up multiplayer.


I played all of Dying Light and its expansions coop MP. Great game.

I hope they make a sequel.


I’m trying to gorge on some games before disappearing over the horizon on vacation for a bit, where vidja games should be few and far between. :fish:

So mostly I’ve been playing CMANO, although I desperately need a @near_blind ADVANCED MISSION AAR ASAP just to make sure I’m using these reference point thingys correctly. Many Bothan’s in Type-42 Frigates have died so far unfortunately.

I’m liking Subnautica, but gave up on the VR bit. It’s sort of a fishy minecraft, and although my tolerance for crafting is low, I like the story leading so far.

Assetto Corsa has been very good. The tyre modelling just seems better than PCars to me, and although a little less eye candyish, it feels more solid. It took me a while to realize that the VR display didn’t include the main menus on the Rift, so lots of snooty nose gap peering for me.

Command: Modern Air / Naval Operations GOTY

They can join all my poor intruders #rip.


Same, loving it! We don’t have a C:MANO mega thread yet?


I know right, I tried using ALL CAPS and calling @near_blind but it didn’t work. I’ll start one, that’ll get him.


What a brilliant game, especially at its price when on sale. Still lots of free DLC to be added apparently.

Just posting these here cough @near_blind cough

These are not my screens as I don’t have AMD Re-live installed and the base game can’t screenshot. But its scenarios like these, I find my self in…

Don’t let them grab you !!

Crafting and upgrading your weapons is a good thing. Especially when you can burn or electrocute at the same time as bludgeoning.

Of course there are pistols, rifles and shotguns + explosives and other goodies to craft, buy or upgrade. However things that are loud, come with a high risk… !!!


Going through my New Game+ playthrough of Dishonored 2 on High Chaos, where the potential for hilarity is ten fold.

Our current victim: Kirin Jindosh. Kirin demonstrates his mental disorder as he accuses his headless clockwork soldier of being the Empress. Yeah.

Bend Time was one of the first powers I unlocked on this playthrough. It’s almost cheating!

Jindosh scratches his ass before fighting me. Or I bent time and pilfered his pistol and he doesn’t know it yet.

I continue to generally eff with his head, using Far Reach:

Also, Bend Time again:

To include throwing him into his own elevator, which makes for funny times:

Can’t have the grand guard officers give me any trouble! Glad I unlocked Rat Swarm!

I’ll let you guys figure out where this dude messed up at:

“Have you heard the word of our lord and savior, Bend Time?!”

Why have railings at all? I don’t think OSHA exists in Karnaca.

A little nudge and we send him for a swim. Sadly, the Grand Guard don’t get swimming lessons – only Super Drowning Skills.

There are many…

Creative ways…

To send someone…

To their deaths!

(Curiously enough, this doesn’t count as a kill by the game. Weird.)

Quick! Everyone! Hang around the deadly headless clockwork!

Well, that escalated quickly.

The way you deal with clockworks is you attack their weak points! BATTER UP!

Call me Empress Luddite!


Dying Light: The Following, for the non-psychic . :slight_smile:


Haven’t really played any games in about 3 weeks. Every sim I try to start up today has a 5GB update pending, so just playing table tennis in VR. :vr:


Errr yeah, I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on !!!


I played all of DL and the DLC in coop and it was great fun. Not quite as entertaining solo.


Well I am trying to get some co-op play as I can see it would be quite fun, but alas I am having trouble convincing them it would be a fun thing… (looking at you @near_blind - I hear he is susceptible to peer pressure.)

I have the GOG version so apparently I can only play with other GOG’ers.