Games we are playing


I’m trying to quit War Thunder.

Help. Me.


GoG versions? Also, there are some mods that help with the graphics, or so I’ve read. Not to mention more maps for combat.


I think the oldest games I’m running are the Tie Fighter and X-Wing games.


God i loved those games, the saber combat was incredibly well done, especially for that time.


Did anybody play Star Wars: Rebellion? I’ve picked that one up again, and am 1200 days into a Rebel campaign from earlier this summer.


It is some version on Steam, it seems to be pretty identical to the originals.
I have a few graphics glitches but still playable.

There are some graphics mods but for me they damage the nostalgia a bit. :smiley:

I finished the first one (still remembered almost all lebels) and am now playing through the addon.
JK2 and JK3 are much better though. A bit more linear levels but still great.


Ah yes, Mysteries of the Sith. Took me a good while to get through that one, especially the last level. Lots of fun playing as Mara Jade though!


The saber combat of Jedi Academy was quite possibly the best use of that game mechanic ever. You had access to all these guns and you didn’t want to use any of them because the saber could do anything.


Noooottt quite. The det packs were handy to force enemies to jump or avoid you, even as they tried to force push it away. Guided rockets were also good for an infinite loop of jumping enemies!


The only thing I didn’t like about Jedi Academy was that for some reason they removed the ability to force push rockets away. That was SO cool in JK2.


I played the heck out of JK2/JK3.

Multiplayer was fun in itself. Some great modded maps as well to multiplay in. I remember it took me quite some time to be proficient in multiplayer duels.


I know it worked in multiplayer, but I don’t remember if the same was true for single player. The enemies certainly could.


I seem to remember that too. Maybe it was only a tier 2 or 3 Force Push? Because by then you could definitely even push enemies off cliffs from a pretty good distance.


My favourite was force choke and force choke with force push.

For the levels where you were high in the air, there was something enjoyable holding an enemy over the edge in a force choke, then watching them fall.

In an indoor area, force choke, hold them in the air then force push against a wall for a bone crunching end.

Ahh these games were truly good.

I think JK2 was tougher on higher difficulties due to not having force powers in the beginning. Storm troopers were quite accurate IIRC


Oh man those damn snipers in Nar Shaddaa that you couldn’t block…


I always got stuck on that mission to Tanaab, with the mutant super-Rancor. Never could figure that one out, so I skipped it and always missed one extra level of force power.


The mines were also good against force users; since they stuck on the ground, they couldn’t push them away, so they’d do this infinite loop of jump-push-jump-push until someone put them out of their misery.

The mutant rancor you had to trap between some cargo containers to force him into a forcefield. Took a lot of jumping and running.

Side note: you can spawn rancors (including the mutant rancor) in multiplayer games. Set up a few bots and put the rancor near a common area, then watch as the bots ignore the rancor and endlessly die as the rancor pounds the ground and randomly eats them.



If you have the time and the inclination…

You can kill the mutant Rancor by conventional means…

I think for the snipers, I used (forgot what the force power name is) speed to get passed the sniper. It put them in slow motion so you could get passed them before they fired.


Ok, that was hilarious.


Force Sense to find the Rodians, then Force Speed to slow them down, yes.