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I feel your anguish, LOL!

I (unfortunately) got this on the Steam Sale, and am in the same boat. Well, not the same one exactly. A different one. Bah! You know what I mean…

First battle, White Ensign flying. Surprised by the fact I was up against two French brigs when I expected one, and after somehow managing to keep the weather gauge and wearing, one of the brigs got taken aback and the other was masked behind it, giving me the chance to get away from the trap. I was still figuring out how to fire and aim, at this point. LOL!

When I first put this on, I thought it was an arcade game and was not impressed, as the ships were unrealistically darting around at the speed of the average PT boat. I did eventually figure out it was only the “strategic” segment and that the speed and handling was much more like it on the battle sequence.


Help. Me. Too.


I’m stepping back from Wildlands, bored with it finally. Moved into the Tomb Raider reboots and I finally bought Cold Waters.


The Tomb Raider Reboots are really good. Less jumping and searching for the way, more action.
Not bad at all, I had fun playing through both.


Finished Mysteries of the Sith tonight.
Man those last levels were tough. Damn wolves.
11 hours for JK1 and 11 hours for MotS even though I remembered quite some levels. They don’t make FPS games that long anymore…

Next up: JK2


I played JA so many times, always played every mission.

However, I used one important mod–realistic sabers. Instead of hacking away to kill a high-level bad guy with 3, 4, 5 or more swings of a saber, one good hit would kill and dismember any enemy. It was the way they are in the films.

You still could have lightsaber combat as long as the sabers hit each other. But instead of having 20 min duels with a boss, it ended in about 3 mins–either when you got a hit on them and knocked off their head or limb or when they got you. Yes, you die a lot faster vs lightsabers, but then you just reload and try again. :slight_smile:

Nothing better than force throwing your lightsaber at a line of stormtroopers and watching all those helmets fly off at once!

For force powers, while choke + push off a ledge into an abyss is fun, I loved full strength lightning taking out a whole group of bad guys at once. :blush:


Lightning Yeeesssss


I just picked up my old save on Endereal. I haven’t played in well over a year, so I’m trying to remember the premise and what I was doing…


Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey. Switch arrived yesterday. I was woefully unimpressed with Nintendo lately, but first impressions with the Switch are top notch, though admittedly that’s lacking any attempt at multiplayer online, which Nintendo has always been mule-headedly backwards about.


Get every other Nintendo console. They usually make a great one followed by a real clunker.


If you think you would enjoy a bit of base building, balancing resources, a pinch of realtime strategy and tower defense, then I recommend taking a look at They Are Billions. Basically you have to build a base and defend it against waves of increasingly large Zombie hoards. It is not at all easy. One moment you think you are doing fine and then just one or two Zombies get through your outer defenses and the next thing you know, all is lost. It has that “one more game” thing going on, where you can easily lose a few hours if you are not careful…


It does look interesting. The instanced sprites are really impressive, as in there are a lot :slight_smile:


New informations about the latest endeavor of Paul Neurath and Warren Spector!


Far Cry 4 - PS4
Being a gimp for 3 to 4 weeks has given me a good excuse to try some of those games that we buy, but never play. I have to say that I’m loving FC4. It’s just demented enough to keep me intrigued, is absolutely beautiful on my ancient 61" DLP, and has pretty good ballistics. I.E., the AK is only accurate out to about 50-75 yards. Yes, killing and skinning animals would not be top of my fun list, but throwing out bait and watching a bear or snow leopard gobble up tangos is pretty good fun LOL. It turns out that I also really get my jollies sneaking around and using a katana on complacent national guardsmen gone bad. Why run and gun, when you can serve justice stealthily? There, I slit your throat. Now I’m going to take your stuff. They were trying to hunt me down and kill me anyway.

Yeah, this game really brings out my dark side. Or more likely I just have cabin fever already.

Far Cry 5 looks awesome. I guess that one could say that the FC series is great at introducing folks who are just better off with a beat down. Kind of like the Walking Dead without the zombies.


My only issue with the crafting system in FC3/4 is the illogic of it. Why does it need to be a special type of bear if I want a bigger wallet?? Why is this animal’s hide good for carrying more ammo but that one is unsuitable?

It’s one of the most “game” aspects of it, it takes me out of it a bit, but I put up with it because I’m in dire need of carrying more arrows, dammit!


Yeah, at times it feels dynamic, only providing when you are desperate. Don’t mind it though. Another thing I like about FC is that it allows you to go as slow and methodical or fast as you want to. I really can’t stand a bunch of hyper, bunny hopping, sub gun toting idiots. Looking at some of the walk-throughs, I see a lot of missed elements. But also see things that I missed.

I don’t game much other than sims, so it feels refreshing at this point. I’ve got BF1 as well, but even in single player, it turns into a hyper killing bunny hop.


I picked up FC 4 and Primal in a recent Steam sale. Working through FC4 at the moment and I’m liking it. Pretty much FC3 in a different setting, which isn’t a bad thing. Good mindless fun.


I also picked up Primal in a sale but I’ve yet to play it, backlogged with a bunch of other stuff. Unlike FC4, it doesn’t have coop MP, which is why I’ve been dragging.
Interesting note–it’s the same map as FC4. Compare the two and it’s FC4’s minus the towns and roads with more foliage.

I’ve got every FC including the original, which is dated but still good fun, and Blood Dragon on Steam. BD is a shorter over-the-top 80s throwback game. Michael Biehn does the voice of your character quite well.


JM, I’ve heard some say that FC3 is the best of the lot. Thoughts?


Um…FC4’s story and characters are definitely better. FC3’s protagonist is a bit of a douche.

The gameplay was more polished in FC4. FC3 invented the mechanics, FC4 perfected them. So they play very similarly with hunting and crafting and side missions and exploration and such, it’s just FC4 felt more immersive to me.

What FC3 offers is that island vibe. You start on a big island, and soon get access to a 2nd smaller one, and you spend your first 2 dozen hours or so exploring and fighting and it’s great–but a 3rd island that’s about 40% of the total map size you don’t get to visit until you’re close to the end of the game and pacing-wise it’s awful.
You’ve been doing all this stuff, taking outposts, pushing back the enemy, and with like 2 main story missions left there’s a big new island with at least half a dozen more outposts and tons of things to do…it felt like I just got reset to the beginning of the game! It was a slog to get through it at that point.

I forget how many hours it took me to finish it, but I would say the first 3/4 of the game was a delight but the last 1/4 really made me weary. FC4 instead opens up gradually and more naturally, pacing is much superior.
I put over 100 hrs into FC4 thanks to coop and the DLCs. I didn’t even put half that much into FC3 even with the handful of dedicated coop maps (unlike FC4 where coop is the main story, and only a few side missions are exempt from coop).

I’ve played FC1 and 2 about 4 times each because they’re paced well and good fun, even if the mutants at FC1’s end can be trying. I would like to replay FC4 some day, but I don’t know about FC3. Once might be enough.

That’s my take FWIW–if you really liked FC4, I think FC3 is worth getting on sale for a single run through. It’s not as good as FC4, though, no.


Inspired by my tabletop army I bought Total War Warhammer during the sale. My favourite army (Lizardmen) is only in part two but that one is too expensive for me. I wanted to see whether I like the game at all so I am now playing the Vampire Counts.
~18 hours in and I still like it so far. 20€ well spent.