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I dug my old PS3 out of the closet this past weekend and restored a bunch of old games I’d bought. I wanted to play NCAA 14. Something that really surprised me was how small some of those older games were. COD4 is only 7GB. I’m used to things like Wildlands now, that are about ten times that size.



@Aginor I thought of you when I saw this. I bounce off Warhammer on anything other than BloodBowl but perhaps this upcoming game is something you will like -

Edit: Borg 40k? They look like they would be terrible at BloodBowl…


Haven’t played Blood Bowl or 40K so both of those are… maybe something for me, maybe not.
Thanks for the links!


Any of y’all tried Subnautica? I really liked it, tho I turned off VR for it as that is still janky as bleep.


Subnautica is excellent. Like you though, I have turned off VR. It is the only title I play a lot that still makes me queezy when playing with the Rift. Exploring the ocean of an alien planet is both relaxing and terrifying (depending on which biome you happen to be in).

I have been messing around with KSP again after a longish break. That game has to have been the best value entertainment ever for me. I must have close to 1000 hours invested and I think I paid $14 for it back when the Mun was a new thing (I played it well before that though when it was free)…


I think this may have been mentioned last year…

I am so into Subnautica as both a game and an art piece. It is lovely and really, REALLY frightening! Its a little like a (mostly) underwater minecraft. But it comes with a very immersive story that reveals itself slowly. The world is open and therefore the story isn’t revealed linearly–making it even more compelling. And given recent events: No Guns. YAY! I opted for the x-box version because I love my living room but the Steam version has VR capability (no idea if well done). The xbox version is still in beta and, rare for a console release, really struggles. Hopefully that will get straightened out but the PC version should swim along at 100 FPS on an entry rig.


Given the setting, they need torpedoes and underwater ray guns. Also, sharks with frickin’ laser beams.


They really dont. What makes subnautica great is that its verb is not “kill” but “scan”. You cant kill your way through problems, you need to science the sh!t out of that sh!t.


I spent six years in Evil Medical School, and my science says sharks with frickin’ laser beams.


Because, we’ll never truly get a Starship Troopers mobile infantry sim, I picked up Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri

It’s got campy as hell 90s FMVs, powered armor, a legitimately cool lore, and handles like ass.

And I love it.

It’s tactical, it’s fast, it’s fun, holy hell I want a remake so badly.


I remember playing that thinking the graphics were awesome. We have come such a long way!


I had it on CD and finished. Godawful FMV cutscenes but gameplay through the roof! Love it!


It still holds up, gameplay-wise! It’s $5.99 US on steam, too. It’s been tooled up by Nightdive and works fine on modern systems via dosbox. It’s awesome.

Perfect excuse for a new game!


Still enjoying Kingdom Come Deliverance on the PS4.


-Envy intensifies-


Pretty cool throwback to old Build engine FPS-es like Duke3d, Shadow Warrior and Blood.

It’s sold as Early Access title (2 big levels + boss battle), but it’s worth supporting the devs.


The fact that it’s actually on the Build engine is pretty awesome.


Yeah, on top of that the engine is modernized and plays way better than the older Build titles.


The lack of guns adds a lot of tension when you get to lower depths.