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Upcoming 2018 titles to keep an eye on…


Now that they have finally grafted a game onto Il-2, I dont need no games anymore :nerd_face:


Another one in my “to buy” list…sigh…there are so many games and sims I want to be playing…


It’s on my “eventually” list because it doesn’t have MP. If it had MP, I would get it now.
I played so much of Dangerous Waters back in the day, it was great. Without MP, though, it’s very low priority as my backlog of SP-only games is already huge (I have yet to play the Witcher 3 with its DLCs, took me over a year to play Fallout 4 w/DLCs).

If a game is MP-only or SP-only, they are low pri, while those with both get my money first. So while I got R6 Siege free with a video card, I only bought the S2 pass much later as I only play it MP.
Meanwhile, GR Wildlands was a preorder and I played over 100hrs of it and I was satisfied.

I think I may preorder Far Cry 5 because I liked 3 despite the limited coop while I loved 4 and its DLC, the coop was awesome, just like GRW.

Ubi has it faults, but between GR, R6, and Far Cry they have made the top coop MP games I’ve played lately.
I eagerly await Borderlands 3 for the same reason.


Noticed this was on sale in Steam, anyone tried it yet?


Yes, when i checked it out despite glowing “totally real” steam reviews about how awesome the community was, they were in fact the absolute worst thing about the game. If you weren’t being killed by friendly’s then they were stealing your stuff. If you play with a big enough group of people you know though it might not be bad, seemed like it was very much a work simulator than anything else. collect scrap to build truck, take it here to be refined, here to be assembled, hahah silly player you need gas to drive it! go get mats for gas, make gas, come back, trucks gone because you forgot to lock it and someone was just hanging out waiting for some poor sucker like you to do all the work for them.


Ya so much potential but as usual poor execution.


Worth a look…


Starting tonight, Far Cry 5. I’ve played all of them except Primal which I got on a sale but have yet to find the time to play.
Still playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided…


If there’s a game I’m waiting in a pretty inconsiderate way it’s the true sequel of Ultima Underworld, aptly called Underworld Ascendant.

Here’s some Screenshots-


Yes, I’ve already put a number of titles yet to come but- really. Look at this.


Iam on the fence with this one for PC…

Home site:

Instant Gaming has it at a cheap price.

After a bad day at work its has to be rewarding. Basically you chop other enemy Exo´s body parts to fit on your own body. What else could one ask for :joy:



If you want to have a couple of unbiased opinion google for Zeropunctuation and Worthabuy reviews for The Surge. Funny but to the point.


No no- keep 'em coming. I literally have an “Upcoming Games” spreadsheet that must be populated with things to look forward to.


should be on sale cheap soon enough I would imagine

Now off to catch up on my Zeropunctuation :smiley:


@AeroMechanical: Thanks! I’ll try-
@Redblue2112: yeah, Zeropunctuation is actually a seires of reviews (harsh and merciless ones, at that) spoken literally without any punctuation. The guy is actually Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. :slight_smile:
He also speaks normally with breathing and all that human behaviour.


What if a computer learns to play a game?


WOWZA! Weren’t we just talking about this?

Free for a bit.
AMAZING and GRIPPING storyline with a simple yet solid gunplay.
Can’t beat the price either!
You’ll be back for more…


No worries mate. :slight_smile:

In other news… this year April’s Fool in War Thunder …




I’m obviously missing something.

What am I missing?