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An f111


Well I see emergency broadcast system and cruise missiles. I think for this year there’s going to be an interesting gameplay.


Thanks komemiute, I picked up Spec Ops: The Line and having a blast! :slight_smile:


And in fact there’s Submarine warfare!

Yes, arcade, yes, it’s simplified and you see it in third persone but kids… it’s free and it’s actually FUN*! :smiley:

*I fell like I have to elaborate… there’s a very VERY neat visibility/sensors (active/passive) mechanic that’s both efficient and easy to grasp.
Plus direct remote control of torpedoes. Summed up pretty nicely here…


Honestly maybe it feels biased at times… but I really like it and hope it’ll be implemented eventually.


Time for my regular playthrough!



I love that game.


From the beginning (boy those cloning vats and clone school were simply stunning) to the end. What a blast…


ARMA 3 free to play on Steam this week


Republic Commando - one of my favorite Star Wars game right next to Tie Fighter and Jedi Knight series.


Yes, this was a very underrated game.
Perhaps it was the visuals being just ok for the time, perhaps it was prequels fatigue that made it get so overlooked, but it’s not only one of the best SW games but one of the best games of that year overall.

I would’ve liked a sequel. The only part that’s hard to reconcile is the “Order 66 - When did the clones know it was coming if at all?” issue that seemed to have changed between the release of the film and the later season of the Clone Wars. The game sticks to the film’s interpretation that the clones all knew they were going to take out the Jedi eventually.


That was actually covered in the campaign for the original Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Then again, that one came out the same year as Republic Commando, but after Revenge of the Sith. I think that was a conscious choice within LucasArts not to spoil how it was going to happen in the movie.


So anyone else playing battletech… i am


I have been looking at this one. Would you recommend it @Bogusheadbox ?


just bought the game, not done downloading yet. looks like fun tho!


There is more game there than I thought there would be.

Its definitely sandbox style and incorporates various game mechanics.

I like how you are balancing your income versus expenditure.

Repairing, buying mechs cost money. However there is a great contract negotiation system where you can opt for more cash or more recovered items from the battles.

Destroyed mechs can be salvaged sometimes and 3 salvaged mech chassis can be used to make a new mech.

The maps and models look nice. Combat is a slow affair. Not because its turn based, but because of the engagement style

Combat is your typical Battle tech affair. Heat management is crucial. Positioning is crucial and targeting weak spots definitely rekindles the flavour of the board game.

You can fully customise your mechs as you would expect from the BT universe.

Mech warriors also has a small rpg system of experience and gaining perks.

The universe once unlocked is vast but travel between systems can take a long time in game play. A month of travelling in game is not uncommon. This adds to the great game mechanic of managing your finances of running a lance plus drop ship.

One good way to save money is to use your character to pilot a mech. This saves you money on wages, but has a risk versus reward system where if the character dies, we’ll game is over. Otherwise if a hired pilot dies, and I have lost a few, we’ll you can hire another if you have the funds.

So the basics of a good turn based game are there and there is definitely enjoyment to be had.

Downsides area lack of polish that may get rectified in time. The destructable environments are great but environment hit detection at times can be a tad wonky.

For instance… (setting the scene)

My character is piloting a mech and leading the lance. He gets ganked and looses both arms most of his armour and internal structure is is almost dead. I hide him behind a fortress wall that is two mechs thick and at leat two mechs tall.

I keep him hidden but all of a sudden the AI start shooting through the wall impacting him when he should have been safe.

Other things like really annoying voice acting befitting a child’s game of age 8 but other voice acting is fine.

But those gripes aside, there is still a lot of fun to be had.

Is it worth the premium release price now with warts and all. It’s a hard one to answer. The game is more than I thought it would be and if you are a battltech aficionado, then you may justify value for money.

But it would definitely be a pick up on a sale.

I like it and hopefully a patch will fix the smallish issues


Thanks very much for your observations @Bogusheadbox . Much appreciated. Based on what you have said, I think I will hold off for a sale, which will also allow the game mature a little more.


im not that much of a battletech afficienado, never read any of the books or played tabletop. i do have fond memories of the mechwarrior simlike games and an rts called mechcommander.

this will have me hanging up the rift, shelving the hotas and parking the jets for a while… the game loops click with me. its all just so damn metal lol


Yall ever play the battletech simulator pods at an arcade? Back in the late 90’s early 2000 there was an arcade that would let you pilot mechs in a 8 pod simulator where you would PVP other people in mechs. Prettty sweet.


Yep, they were very cool indeed !