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Everything is SO FAST


Completing that, back in the day, on my N 64 is still one of my most proud achievement. A really really neat racing game. :+1:


I used to play that on my dad’s pc when I was 6. Oh the nostalgia…

Years later, I discovered that instead of buying all the other racers, just putting all your money into Anakin’s pod racer is a very easy way to win the game


Exactly what I did!


I bought it 2 days ago from GOG. Didn’t have time to install it yet. I played it back in 2000/2001 and it was a blast. Hope that GOG did a good job at making it run well on new OS’es.


They really did. It runs great.


I played a ton of Ep1 Racer on my PC when it was a new game…2 years after I got married. :astonished:

It was the best of the Ep 1 games by far, surprisingly so. The almost top-down 3rd person “story” game was shallow, the starfighter game was unimpressive…


To all of you proud owners of Episode 1 Racer… the Good Old Games edition apparently works with LAN multiplayer emulators. Who thinks they’re fast? :slight_smile:


Not playing yet because early access is not yet available. But this one might come as close to my heart as any game yet. It has been created by a competitor who gave no clue on the “Exploder” that he held closet coding skills. Perhaps he doesn’t and this will prove to be a bust. But here’s hoping. For airplanes with GPS data storage, it allows real flights to be downloaded and viewed from the Judges’ Line. I have yet to find a sim that can handle aggressive aerobatics. It will be a miracle if this one guy has managed to do what ED, 777, 1C and Laminar could not. As I said, here’s hoping!..


Lately I’ve been trying bits of this and I love it.

From the same great minds that brought us Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island.
Guys, if you like classical LucasrArts Adventures, this one is probably the best ever.


Cool! I replayed Monkey Island last year on the xbox. That version has a great feature where you can switch on the fly between the original and the new, with hi res graphics and all new sound and music.


Pretty snappy looking graphics. I’m sure we will all be interested in your thoughts on it…!


This is so cool…


Anybody else see this?


OOohhh intriguing


My first thought was “They’re doing something related to Interstate '76?”


Interstate 76 is a legendary game! :smiley:


FYI for those not in the know, Interstate '76 (as well as Interstate '82) is available at GoG.

Fun fact: Interstate '76 and Heavy Gear used the same engine, as did Interstate '82 and Heavy Gear 2.



Hi all, this has some info in regards to what is speculated: