Games we are playing


Hard to think it’s 21 years old! That game was a hell of a lot of fun! Multiplayer too!


I’m waiting for the next gen of VR before I play Fallout 4. I figure I’ve waited this long…might as well wait a bit longer and go ahead and enjoy it in higher res VR glory (someday)…


That was a damn good game. Challenging but rewarding. These days I probably wouldn’t have the time to re-run the missions for the umpteenth time to get aaalll the clan mechs as salvage! I still remember the reactor explosion animation and the way your heart sank seeing it…




OH WOW! Literally THIS!


I have waited long for the day that Heavy Gear gets a modern makeover a-la Mech Warrior: Online (except hopefully that it won’t suck). I guess Titanfall is pretty damn close, but maybe something just a little further on the “piloting a giant robot” end of the spectrum as opposed to “first person shooter with a different scale and abilities”.


Playing through Mages of Mystralia right now.
A lovely little game that I can recommend.
A bit Zelda-like with a nice magic system.


I’ve been just kicking it old school, killing Nazis on Venus and in New Orleans and Texas in Wolfenstein II.


Sadly, Heavy Gear Assault really dropped the ball. Pretty sure that’s all we’ll get for that franchise, though.

On the plus side, at least we’ll be getting a new Mechwarrior Mercenaries title that isn’t an MMO freemium game.


It may have been free to play, but to be competitive and move forward, it was certainly pay to get anywhere


Games: Then vs Now

Then: A bit more grinding and I can get infinity+1 sword!
Now: I borrowed dad’s credit card so I can buy an infinity+1 sword!


I’m actually planning on picking up that whole Wolfenstein package as well, because there are Nazis that need killing.




I have yet to find more satisfying Nazi Murder Simulators than the two latest Wolfensteins.


I cannot believe I missed this gem of a game, Rogue Trooper




I loved most of Rebellion software and Rogue Trooper is no different.
The Redux is a further confirm that they are frickin’good at those titles.
I even liked Judge Dredd!


Sniper Elite (the whole series) and AvP are great Rebellion games.

an MMO freemium

South Park had a great explanation of that concept.


Oh heck! I almost forgot about those!
True to the Nth Degree!


Just in case you thought DCS was all sleek and cool with its clickable cockpits, this bad boy had interactive cockpits in '94!



Played the heck out of Eartsiege series. Second one was even better with rolling terrain and some aerial craft you could fly called Razor IIRC. The same graphics engine was used in A-10 Tank Killer 2. Later Starsiege was also fun, you could play on both sides (Terran or Cybrid), in human campaign there was Mark Hamill voice acting one of the major characters. Most of the games from the series are free now and available from here: