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Can you imagine a DCS type level Mechwarrior? With like full startups of your machine and systems damage? LOL. It’d be cool but they’d only sell four copies I’m sure…


Steel Battalion, $200 for the very first Xbox.

Even came with a special controller set:

Probably would have been better to make that one for the PC, but I suspect Microsoft shenanigans were involved.

I played the ES2 demo along with the Missionforce: Cyberstorm demo for years until I got a CD version of ES1. EarthSiege was ridiculously hard and General Gierling was impossible to please.


Haha…I remember seeing that advertised. I never bit on that one…one of the few probably that didn’t hit the trigger point for my compulsive buying tendencies.


It was hard, but I think there was a patch that introduced skill level selection. I have finished it few years ago when I replayed it after almost 2 decades.

Mechwarrior 2 is still my favorite mech-game though. I still remember how blown-away I was after seeing that intro back in 1995.


The CD edition introduced a trainee mode that made the player invulnerable, as I recall. I don’t think ES2 had anything like that and was still stupid hard.


MW2 was amazing. The storyline and encyclopaedia (forget what it was called) were awesome. Great game.

“We are Jade Falcons - greater among the clans…”


I finished both but I remember I was not invulnerable. ES2 had some cool missions in the later half of the game. IIRC you fought the Cybrid on the Moon!


The overall “feel” of piloting a several-ton walking machine was there. Also the amazing redbook audio was outstanding. I feel I will have to replay this classic along with its expansion Ghost Bear’s Legacy and Mercenaries (which I never played before).


Heavy Gear 1&2 anyone? I remember when those came out, I had picked up the table top a few years prior. They were good for what they were, when they were.


Yup, last November for HG1 – I haven’t figured out the voodoo to getting HG2 to run, though I used to be able to run the demo at one time.

Sadly, Heavy Gear Assault turned into a shoddy MMO freemium game that has had a ton of development issues, so I’d recommend avoiding that one.


MW2 MP was interesting in that you had to lead your target to compensate for the latency of the day.

Also remember enjoying Shogo…came with one of my vid cards back in the day (TNT2 probably):


I played Shogo to death. Did the different scale warfare things years before Titanfall.


Found this- love his blog- and I found it extremely interesting for folks like me that mostly play Single Player…


I remember Heavy Gear. It was certainly different from most of the Mech games that came out. It certainly had interesting combat and dynamics. Switching from walking to wheel mode during combat was cool.

I played just about every Mech game that came out because I grew up as part of the Mazinkaiser/Mazinger Z generation. So the influence of giant mechs was in my blood.

I even played BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk’s Inception, which was closer to an adventure RPG and Mechcommander, which was tactical game play in the universe.

I loved Mercenaries and was excited, years later, when I heard about a sequel but somewhere along the line Mechwarrior: Online came out and I was like, “Wha’ 'appen?”

Looking forward to MW5. There’s something about riding around in huge mechanized coffins with tech and weapons.


I never got the Mech fascination. I had one or two of the games, saw a movie somewhere (the one with the actor from the Alien Nation TV series who played Sikes), but it never stuck with me.

The lore did nothing for me, it was never presented in a way that engaged me, and the whole heat mechanic rang false–it was purely for gameplay reasons, it didn’t have a logical basis. You didn’t see battalions of tanks overheating in WWII, or Desert Storm, so why should a tank that walks suddenly have serious cooling problems? Someone fix that design flaw before deploying the thing, meanwhile I’ll stick with tracks and no cooling issues.

My logical mind rejected it as too transparent and killed any enjoyment of it.


To be fair, tanks don’t have a nulcear reactor to power plasma guns, rail guns or banks of several MegaWatts lasers…

But I kind of see your point.

EDIT: The movie you’re talking about is Robot Jox, and while it’s a bit crappy it’s actually cool. But crap. But still kinda cool.


Yes, but I would overheat in one with nothing but machine guns and other projectile weapons. That’s what bugged me. In other words, its armament and abilities were 100% “walking tank” without any SF weapons or shields.
If cooling was purely for lasers and shields, but the rest was “free”, I would’ve been far more accepting.


No worries mate, everyone has their “Reason boiling-point”. :slight_smile:
There’s a whole lot of game genres I can’t play either so… It’s ok.


The general idea is that the ‘enabling technology’ of a BattleMech is its fusion reactor which is lightweight and compact enough to be mounted in a vehicle at the expense of insulation and cooling. So, your limiting factor isn’t max power output, it’s heat generation.

With ballistic weapons that doesn’t really matter (they generate very little heat) but the power requirements for military-grade tank-sized directed energy weapons are pretty massive. For what it’s worth, heat management and power consumption are both absolutely design factors with industrial-grade lasers. While BattleTech certainly takes liberties for the sake of balance and fluff, the science & engineering isn’t bogus…


You can actually get Shogo on GoG:

Re: Battletech/Mechwarrior heat generation – it was just a mechanic to prevent people from taking advantage in the board game. It restricted movement and weapon use in order to keep people from making a mech go constantly.

In the Mechwarrior video games, it was just an extra simulation mechanic. The idea being that it’s a hot fusion reactor powering everything and keeping it cool is difficult, plus everything else that has energy demands which results in the reactor having to burn hotter to compensate, coupled with the inherent heat generated by all the junk. Think of it like how you sweat when you move your muscles, which is how mechs were supposed to work (not a mechanical basis, but artificial muscles). Also, straight up machine guns never generated heat in any of the Mechwarrior iterations.

Throw out the square cube law while we’re at it, too. Heavy Gear actually made a bit more sense here as the gears were only 4-5 meters tall, but they borrowed heavily from the anime Armored Trooper VOTOMS for that.

EarthSiege had none of this, just an energy pool that could be depleted by energy weapons and shields. It was a bit more hardcore and sim-like than some of the other mech games.