Games we are playing


So I am NOT the only one who rememebers watching that! :smiley:


Sadly, never saw it, but during my HG days it was talked about by a few folks which is how I became familiar with it.


Oh… well okay. I forgive you! :stuck_out_tongue:
But if you’re interested they’re available ready-to-go on youtube. :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to scoop together a list of good flying games on the PS2 and been replaying a lot of them.

I picked up a copy of Sky Odyssey and can’t wait for that to arrive. The one thing that leaves me butthurt? Energy Air Force. It never get an NTSC release. That leaves me very sad.


Two things:
Sky Odyssey is criminally underrated and



I sooo want this for my next birthday!


Still playing Farming Simulator 17.
70 hours in, getting excited about sheep reproduction rates and corn field fertilizer optimization.
What is wrong with me?! :smile:


What is wrong with the world when tending to a farm, getting excited over sheep reproduction rates is more interesting and enticing than going into outer space to explore strange new worlds, fight and win world wars or driving incredible detailed reproductions of fast and complicated machines.


Missed out on doing that for real when growing up?

Yeah, I don’t miss it. :cow2:


It’s much more fun when there’s no having to get up at 3am, muck stalls, spread manure, fight with John Deere tractor software, dodge upset cattle, chase chickens out of vegetable patches, chase deer out of vegetable patches, chase rabbits out of vegetable patches, keep dogs from fighting coyotes at the end of the property, repair fences…


Don’t forget all the bugs: ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, mites, flies, and, and… Ugh. And then in the winter, you don’t have bugs, but you do get freezing temps, water that has to be carried because the hoses are frozen, the water tanks have to be broken up and de-iced, all the while hoping that a 2,000lb animal doesn’t get flustered at you and run you over, thus causing injury and hospital bills that you will never pay off in your lifetime!


My family has farms in east Texas, so I managed to avoid (most of) the cold stuff. But holy crap, I think Longhorns are the most foul-tempered creatures alive. And the bugs are DEFINITELY bigger, because of course everything is bigger in Texas.


Had a good laugh at those comments, thanks guys!
Yeah I guess too realistic isn’t that good for such a game. Farming is hard work in real life!



Wach auf! Genug vom schlafen.

Almost :slight_smile:

I remember seeing that film in language school in Toronto. I hadn’t spoken German in 5 weeks and couldn’t decide if the movie guys got it wrong or I forgot the terribly complicated grammar of my mother tongue.


I wondered that myself, having attended high school in very Amish central PA, and then lived in Germany later in life. Wiki has a good article on this subject.


Being from the " 'burbs", I do not understand these things of which you speak. Still, I think we had our own burdens like cutting the grass, on a riding mower, once a week, and taking 1-2 trashcans (about 50 ft!) to the curb also once a week. In winter, having to clear snow from approximately 500 sqft of driveway…with a powerful snowblower of course…sometimes that task took 20 minutes!

Bugs? Let me tell you about bugs! One time I forgot to spray my legs with Off and I got 3 mosquito bites! They itched for over a half an hour! Mildly itched at that!

Oh the humanity! :scream:


Matched only in intensity by the stupidity of the average Holstein dairy cow.


I mean, when they’re not trying to step on you, crush you against a fence or building, or roll over on you in a field, they’re kinda like bigger, dumber puppy dogs. At least the ones I’ve met (we have a pretty large herd that’s part of the veterinary school here).


For the record, I am very much a city boy, but trips to see the family in Texas always meant trips to the Hank family farms, which meant helping with the work.

As for three mosquito bites. We used to DREAM of only having three mosquito bites! I took the dog out to walk before bed last night, and I had to drown both my legs in witch hazel, just to keep them from swelling. But I LIKED it!

ok… back on topic… does anybody here play Cities: Skylines? I just got an alert that the Green Cities expansion is on sale, and daddy is thinking he needs new shoes…