Games we are playing


I used to be the grunt labor that vaccinated them, did ear tags, etc.


Didn’t want to create a new thread or necro for a dumb image macro, so here.


I played Cities:Skylines. Nice game.
Haven’t played the latest two expansions though.


My games backlog, unlike the universe (THANOS!), is infinite. I did manage to dive into Total War: WARHAMMER, and after 120+ hours and 3 campaigns, I would say I finally got my money’s worth.


Not a game per se…but starting to record weather in FSX for future Hurricane flights. Doesn’t always work that well. You need to augment/replace with actual METARs. I think XP 11 probably does it better…


Played the heck out of this for quite some time. Always enjoyed getting enough legions and defenses that I could almost always send Caesar’s legions packing.



Was once one of my my wife’s favorite games. She was very good at it; better than I was. Then one day she fell behind on her taxes and Caesar sent his legions to “collect” - they took out everything…there were tears. The CD was returned to its box. The box was returned to the shelf, never to be taken down again. :cry:


Loved that game. Had one map where I had walls all along the edges except for the water. Everything was full up. It sorta just ran forever. There was nothing I could to change it without tearing it down. My last game ever :slightly_smiling_face:


Still playing Farming Simulator 17 with my kids (they love it) but as soon as I am alone I play the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
Nice game so far.


I would be all about Mudspike producing more dank, original content simulation/aviation themed memes.


You probably kept your population too healthy. Once the workers reach age 50 they retire and anyone under 20 doesn’t work.



Jokes aside the game really looks lovely (the video looses a lot due to YT’s video compression though). Unfortunatelly it has similar issues as FH3 - people complain about frequent CTDs. I got few myself, but played with the graphics settings a bit and was able to play crash free for few hours since. All I did was disabling adaptive graphics settings and turning motion blur to OFF.

You can download the free demo from Microsoft Store if you have Win 10 / Xbox One.


I tried out the new Assetto Corsa Competizione this weekend.

Amazing graphics. Great sound. Dynamic time of day. Rain.

After a few laps I really like the driving physics. It fells a little bit easier to control.

But it’s still early access. Limited game modes (practice, hotlap, quickrace). Only one car and one track. No multiplayer. It will take some months to flesh it out, but I’m pretty sure it will be great.


Is it like a sequel or an expansion?


It’s a stand alone title concentrating on the FIA GT-3 series:


:slight_smile: Ah, Thanks!



Nostalgia week here it seems with some familiar names returning, both are fairly decent I might add




I’m not playing anything I like at all…

Nope not one bit. It’s no classic Megaman, but it’s still pretty good.