Games we are playing


At least it got the formula down better than the other game whom shall not be mentioned.

I cannot stop playing Yakuza 0. It’s so good.


Playing Total War Warhammer 2 a bit.


Dragon Quest XI. In addition to rocket league.


That’s cause it was more Gunvolt than blue bomber. sssh, I shouldn’t have said that so loud.


I’ve been reliving some oldies. Just finished my replay of Bioshock Infinite and its DLCs (first time since I played thru on release 5 years ago).

Now I’m on Crysis 2. I played Crysis and Crysis Warhead several times each, but I’m uncertain if this is my 3rd or only 2nd time playing Crysis 2.
It’s decent enough, with good visuals and some good combat, but it lacks that spark the first 2 games had in the last decade. After that I will naturally play Crysis 3 again, also for the 2nd time I believe. :slight_smile:

However, before Crysis 3 I will revisit Dishonored and its DLCs before Dishonored 2 and Death of the Outside, neither of which have I gotten around to playing yet.


I liked Crysis, but for me Crysis 2 was largely the superior experience…


For me, it is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. …any of the three…about every couple of years I go back to them…so many ways to play…sniper, assault riffle trooper, big machine gunner…I have even worked through a few tight areas with only a pistol…yes, they are all linear and for more than a couple missions there is only one way to play…still…in COP when you get that sniper mission to kill the two leaders having a meeting, I like bringing along an RPG (hehehehe). :sunglasses:


I’ve been playing back through Battlefield 3, talk about nostalgia. The campaign in that was great, IMO.


I said come in, don’t stand there! I said come in, don’t stand there! I said come in, don’t stand there! I said come in, don’t stand there! I said come in, don’t stand there!

Ahem- uh. So, ever try modding them? STALKER Complete is usually seen as the least intrusive overhaul, but if you want to try something that takes the concept of STALKER and runs with it, may I recommend LURK or MISERY.


Crazy parkour zombie fun. This is still a really enjoyable game. Just about to move to the next map. Hint hint @near_blind, @klarsnow, @Maclean

Dying light 2 is on its way… maybe a day one purchase for me !


Ooh, i missed that announcement. DL’s mechanics were great.


“Alooooha!” Having lived in Hawaii for 2 years, the Hawaiian trader in COP isn’t nearly as disturbing as he should be. :call_me_hand:

Thanks. I’ll take a look at the two links! It looks like they make some nice mods to the game without modding the story. Awesome!


Depends, can I still paddle zombies with a cricket bat? If not it might be a day two-er :wink:


Has anyone tried bomber crew? It’s a strange little game about micro management of a crew of a Lancaster In ww2 I can’t stop playing it. The missions are about ten mins long and really really intense. It’s got a comical cartoonist style but it doesn’t stop it being NUTS when the 109s start hammering you while flak bursts around you everywhere. It’s good fun!


Bomber Crew is a great game and I enjoyed playing it.

My only gripe with it is that the cute graphical style kind of makes me feel a little uncomfortable when you think about the subject matter. I’m probably taking it all too seriously though.


Well you are not the only one who received the game that way. Tim Stone at RockPaperShotgun felt the same way.


I completely agree. It does kind of trivialise the horror of it all. But I did find myself getting personally invested in the crew I had nursed through since the beginning of the game. And I don’t think I could take a realistic looking version. It’s rough enough lol


Another favourite of mine. Not the most complicated game in the world but you get a rating out of 4 stars each mission and I will not rest until the last star is mine! I have 1 left and it had taken me an AGE to get it. Its a matter of personal pride that one day it will happen! Then I’m de installing it and NEVER TOUCHING IT AGAIN…ooooh there is a survival mode as well…


I played DL and its addon through in coop and it was a great experience. I eagerly await DL2.

As for the STALKER games, I’ve played them all 2 or 3 times, but it’s been a few years at least since the last time.

When I finish Crysis 3, Dishonored, Dishonored 2, and Death of the Outsider, and also Prey and Witcher 3 (neither of which I have played yet), I may revisit the STALKER trio. So…2023 maybe?