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– Player Hunger level can increase when game is paused.

Confused…normally I get hungry while playing and pause to get a snack to reduce my hunger level…???




The dearth of modern tactical shooters has really gotten to me and I need my fix.


“Get down before I put you down!!”

What always bugged me was the indignant old lady on the serial killer level that would refuse to surrender all the time. I would always need to punch her, and on occasion you could kill her with merely 2 punches!

“Get down!”
“Get down!”
keels over dead



I have always been in the Rainbow Six park… :upside_down_face:


RB6…that takes me back. There was one level-a TV station or something—that I just could not get through. Out of desperation I just went with the default plan and put my guy in a corner somewhere safe. It ran and I got a mission successful. Go figure. I never did see the inside of that building beyond the back door. :slightly_smiling_face: