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– Player Hunger level can increase when game is paused.

Confused…normally I get hungry while playing and pause to get a snack to reduce my hunger level…???




The dearth of modern tactical shooters has really gotten to me and I need my fix.


“Get down before I put you down!!”

What always bugged me was the indignant old lady on the serial killer level that would refuse to surrender all the time. I would always need to punch her, and on occasion you could kill her with merely 2 punches!

“Get down!”
“Get down!”
keels over dead



I have always been in the Rainbow Six park… :upside_down_face:


RB6…that takes me back. There was one level-a TV station or something—that I just could not get through. Out of desperation I just went with the default plan and put my guy in a corner somewhere safe. It ran and I got a mission successful. Go figure. I never did see the inside of that building beyond the back door. :slightly_smiling_face:


Story time!

22 years ago I was gifted by my late father (who never touched a computer in his life) a copy of an English pc magazine called pc format.

I ended up with a subscription to the mag and learned a lot over the years of reading it till its sad demise in 2015.

Anyhow on the cover of the mag was a demo CD with various games on it. One of which was a demo of ‘Terra Nova - strike force centuri’

I played this demo over and over again but could never find an actual copy of the full game. I even tried torrenting it years later but to no avail.

Then steam popped up with it in games you might like for the price of £4.95! I nearly died of excitement. 22 years of wanting to play it was finally over. Clicked buy immediately…

Then thought I’ll just check gog… As you never know.


The graphics suck. The gameplay is pretty clunky. I’m 4 hrs into it and it’s amazing! So far ahead of its time.
I know for a fact if I had bought this all those years ago this would of been one of my all time favourite games.

So pleased. :ok_hand::+1:


I mirror your experience nearly to the word.
Bought it too on GOG.COM, finished, and I’m still in love.

But those FMV cut scenes are horrible. :laughing:


It’s really good isn’t it! I’m loving the style of it! I only had the training missions and a single regular missions so I’m actually quite surprised how deep it is. The order and mapping system and the drones are so cool!


I also totally love the little things like the Zoom sound, the “feeling” of wearing an armored suit.
I never felt so much like Robocop in any other game…


Hell yes, Terra Nova is the Starship Troopers game we never got.


Hey dudettes and dudes…
I have a question.

Since the discounts on the Eagle Dynamics store are very interesting I wanted to buy a couple Campaigns to improve my skill with modules I rarely use…

What’s your opinion on these?


Have you already flown museum relic? it is really really good. Out of those four, its the one you should get. And the MiG-15 if you do not already.


I own and flew none of the DLC Campaigns…
I do own only the F86, for that Campaign though…


In that case, these are your doctors’ orders:

Get the MiG-15, Museum Relic and enjoy them :slight_smile:

Museum Relic can and should be flown with the sabre as well, but the MiG has those intensely satisfying guns…


:slight_smile: LOL! Got it…
But if I have to be honest I’d rather wait to pick up the MiG15 when Flaming Cliffs 3 becomes MAC with the expanded lineup. :stuck_out_tongue:
i just want to throw petty cash for some DLCs not new airframes, BUT- the reccomendation it’s still very well accepted! :+1:


Oh, I just noticed that I completely forgot about MAC.
Wasn’t it supposed to be released this year?


FC3 rocks as it is… But more planes would be worth waiting for. I’m really enjoying it as it is though. Haven’t got enough good words to say about it…


Well I DO have FC3. But I know I’m not going to get my money worth out of a MiG15- while when it will be implemented in the typical simplified MAC version, well … yeah.


You underestimate the joy of doing manual startups in that little MiG.