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You overestimate the patience of my wife (in regards of gaming-oriented expenses)…


Click click click whirrrrrr click click click bzzzZZZZZZZ click

tap. zzzzzzzzoooooo(carefully open valve)OOOOOOOO**OOOOOOMMMMMM

Click. zrrrrrRRRT CLACK. (close pit). Aaand we’re off to the races.

Infinitely better than [button press] [wait while all the buzzing and clicking happens] [fly]

But that’s just like my opinion man. Your wife need them shoes so badly you can’t spare 20 bucks?


Hehhee it’s more.complicated than that. :wink:


I’m still trying to get the MFDs in my Mig-21 to work…:wink:



I jumped back into STALKER COP a day ago. Did you know that there is a SVDm-2 starched under a tree north of the Saw Mill in Zalton? Getting that early in the game is going to be a…well…a game changer!


I played SOC and really enjoyed the feel and experience of it. But I saved in a terrible place at the very end of the game on the assault at the power stationn and couldn’t get any further with it. Such a shame. COP I struggled with the brightness of the game at and couldn’t get very far. I think the first mission was an assault on a boat or something and I couldn’t see anyone till they were touching the muzzle of the gun. It was very irritating


Copy on the brightness in COP. The mission, given you by “Sultan” is to accompany his guys when they attack the stalkers on the other ship. As you said, it is dark!
Two ways to play it.
1 - When sultan’s boys start shooting at the stalkers, start shooting them. Nail a couple right away and then just shoot at their muzzle flashes.

2 - Stay in the back and follow one of Sultan’s guys. Inside the ship there are a couple of fires that provide more light.

I prefer #1.

That said, you can hold off on that mission until you get enough to buy a steel helmet. Then get the Basic tools (from the Sawmill) and upgrade it with Level 1 night vision - good enough to get you through that night mission.

Too bad about SOC. Without any spoilers, it has a couple possible endings. A fun idea is to save early in the final level and then try them all. :grimacing:


COP I actually thought it was a software problem as it seemed beyond normal darkness and into the realm of walking around till you hit a wall and then getting shot or shooting friendlies and having to restart. I might give it another go sometime in that case. (I watched a video or 2 on YouTube and they seemed brighter than mine)


No, you are correct that the nights are pretty darn dark in COP. Maybe I have a better screen now?

There is one mission (where you have to get Info for Owl at the old processing plant) that I typically do at night to be more stealthy. I tried it once before i had night vision. I was essentially using “brail” to move around…sliding along walls until I could find a corner.


I recently went into old arcade racers nostalgia mode and replayed my favorite Need For Speed: Porche 2000 (or Porsche Challange depending on where you live). It’s Evolution Mode is still fun to play. Going from 356 model in the '50 up to 911 (996) from 2000 with modding the rides along the way to give you that edge in races is a real thrill. It also has a nice driving model - I played with XBOX controller but apparently it has really good force-feedback support for driving wheels. It also have Factory Driver mode, where you complete diverse tasks as a Porche employee test driver.

I also was able to finally run NFS4: High Stakes/Road Challange with the help of the modern patch by VEG’s you can pick up here:
I tried to run it few years ago but was unable to, even on Win XP it had some problems.
The game also has a career mode (first time for NFS series), not so engaging as in NFS Porche, but still fun. I never finished it before so I might finally do it. The last tournaments are brutal from what I can remember.

The last thing I was trying yesterday was trying to run Test Drive Unlimited on my Win 10 system. I have to say it was a success and the game plays really well with Track IR:



I bought Spellforce 3 in the Steam sale and played a bit.
I like it. The RPG parts remind me a bit of Baldur’s Gate (loved that game) and the RTS parts are… well… a bit wonky but OK. Haven’t played that much yet.
Nice story and voice acting (at least German) as well so far. Many place names are familiar if you played the other two games in the series.


Just wondering…you know that you have a flashlight…I forgot the other night and was wondering how to see a stash in the dark…then I remembered…D’oh!

As far as I can tell, using the flashlight doesn’t make you any more visible. If standing still behind some bushes, the bad guys still won’t see you, while those pesky mutants still will see you.


Oh dear, maybe I just suck at RTS games but the RTS parts of the game are really hard for me.

They are quite fast paced.


Mmmmm… I really can’t remember using a flashlight.

That’s interesting. I might have a made a boo boo there!
It may be the fog of time but I think you might be right.


I’ve been playing Dishonored 2, finally. Also replaying Quake 4 for some nostalgia and dabbling with Just Cause 4 while I wait for some patches to fix it up.

I made multiple saves and played through to every possible ending in the first STALKER. It was exhausting, but there is only one “true” ending as it offers the most to do before the game ends.


Playing four games right now:

  • Spellforce 3
  • Another Sight
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • DCSW, mainly the L-39 and the C-101


Bought some DCS planes and maps as a Christmas present for myself.



Bro! You can’t just leave us hanging like that! Which ones?