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A friend gifted me these three items and caused my own unplanned spending spree. :scream:

I bought the A-10A twice since I missed that it was sold with Flaming Cliffs 3. That $7.50 mistake won’t break the bank though.



Wow happy Christmas for you lol!


Been several years since I went that far off the rails for myself. :innocent:



By the time you’ve mastered that massive list of aircraft it will be time for another great big splurge woohoo lol


That or the next 50% off sale… :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:



That little MiG you got there is so much fun it’s just dirty. :cccp:

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I got:

It is great (once you get the hand of taxiing)

Now I need to somehow integrate…

…and Awesomeness will be Achieved!


Two Point Hospital.

AAR thread for one the levels to come.


I just came across this gem today.

If you liked Another World and Flashback you will definitely like this:

Although it has its own aesthetic mimicking old CGA-era DOS games, but it looks really well done when witnessed in motion.


I got Tom Clancy’s The Division over the holidays. It’s not a bad RPG, like a real-world Mass Effect in terms of gameplay.


Stuck in Florida with a MacBook Air so it is Pillars of Eternity (again) for a while.


Finished the campaign of Spellforce 3 today.
After I got used to it hard mode was exactly right for me.

It had a bad start (buggy as hell) and the RTS parts are… not for everyone I guess, not bad though. If you explore the world a bit it is also pretty long, compared to many games these days. I spent around 90 hours ingame, and I think I missed a few of the side quests.

I can recommend it in its current state.


I was put off by the reports of crappy PvP interfering with people who want to play it as SP/coop.

I found the premise interesting enough, but like Fallout 76 the execution seems to have fallen far short.

Has that not been your experience then?


It really hasn’t, but I would wait until it is marked down on Uplay or Steam because while I’m having fun playing it solo, it is not worth full price. It is an interesting game and is completely worthwhile as a SP/Coop RPG shooter, my son and I do coop every now and then. The reason I wouldn’t pay full price for it is because there’s not much in the way of story to keep the action glued together and what is there is standard 24/Jack Ryan-style hackneyed plot.

The world is extremely believable and you can noodle around in all kinds of buildings, scrounging around for supplies and materials. It feels like a 1:18 scale NYC and as long as one keeps the these are just digital action figures mindset, he or she will enjoy it. The gameplay gets repetitive fast, but the ‘bullet-sponginess’ of the enemies gets harder as you move up your character’s levels, so the gunfights get interesting. You might think about getting it for the console if you have one because those versions are virtually identical in gameplay quality to the PC versions, with the exception of eye candy. All the versions are patched up to the latest build, which is in a very playable state. Think of it like a Mass Effect-style game without the dialogue trees.


I just started something called Estate Probate

So far it is not that fun. Evidently the goal is to settle the Will without the Lawyers getting everything. I haven’t see scarier NPC than the Lawyers since System Shock 2!

No “just kidding” or smily emoji because I’m not either.


i am sure most of you are aware of OpenTTD(Transport Tycoon Deluxe), but there’s also such a thing as OpenRCT2, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 running on modern systems!


Thats very interesting! I’m going to download that for my wife tonight! Have you played much of either of them @TheAlmightySnark? Do they hold up well? Her indoors really loved theme park and roller-coaster tycoon so that is a massive win for my dcs allocated time! Thanks!


They hold up very well, the graphic style is still very charming and has something 90’ and timeless at the same time. With the Open* versions you also get to run it comfortably on modern systems. GoG made RTC2 run on a modern system but with the display resolution limitations of the days of old. So black borders on both sides.

Anyway, gameplay wise they are fantastic either way. If you don’t mind the graphical style then you are good to go! Besides, both run on older hardware just fine, you can network them and play together so what’s there not to like?! :wink:


Playing a campaign of Total War Warhammer 2, this time as High Elves.
I still suck at RTS games and probably always will, but I had some cool battles already.