Games we are playing


Oh, that’s cold.



isn’t that code for F111


I’ve seen that body shape somewhere before, were was it… oh right

A Martin Backpacker Guitar


Yeah, rub it in. While us plebs have to wait another 22 days…


Rocksmith 2014
Trying to suck less in my guitar play.


This is such a fun game. American football with some different rules and a whole lot of violence
Turn based


As much as I appreciate you playing that and taunting us about it, this thread was explicitly created to NOT talk about flightsims ;). I Suppose DCS Combined Arms would be okay :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally picked up the Dishonored DLC, Knife of Dunwall and Brightmore Witches. Excellent missions and world building but Daub as a character leaves something to be desired. I think they should have skipped the Chaos system for that.


Playing Alan Wake right now. Just started. Good so far.


I will eat your soul.


Gunmetal Arcadia


How is it? It’s a modern game done in an old style I think?


Gunmetal Arcadia Zero is actually the prologue, bit different, yes, modern in old style, think, Faxanadu, Battle of Olympus and Zelda 2. Zero is just a set short adventure, that was put out as a humble original to start, The regular one is expanded into a rogue-like, some cool features.


Those visuals bring back shellshock-esque memories of TMNT on NES.




You’re going to laugh, but my game of the year in 2017 is LEGO City Undercover being remastered for the PS4.


didn’t play that one, but most of the lego stuff is fun,

on a related I sorta loathe how instead of making stuff backwards compatible for the consoles they are “remastering” less than 5 year old games and selling them all over again. Worst of all, making it seem like they are doing customers a service by doing so.

Sorry i don’t get ranty much about games, but this trend doesn’t sit well with me, especially when there are masterpieces waiting for an update that are well worth it, like X-Wing or Tie Fighter!!!


A great game - played through on the WiiU. Underrated comedy and voice work too. Lots of parody stuff in it and it was nice to see a solid single player Lego game without a big license tie-in.


I can’t help but completely agree with you. Skyrim is the most egregious example. I should mention Metro, but I adore Metro. However, I still find the release of Redux so soon after Last Light to be very suspect.


OK! Fine, I admit it. I playing the Nancy Drew mysteries! Does anybody know of a 12-step program for this addiction?


There’s an even worse offender, Last of Us gave a remastered edtion 13 months after release and only 5 months after the DLC.


Got Sniper Ghost Warrior, it’s sequel and it’s WWII derative for a euro. It’s an okay game, the sniping is fun but the forced stealth sections are terrible, especially since the AI is all seeing.