Games we are playing


Wow, to hell with that. At least with Last Light it was basically a GOTY edition with the DLC.


I am back to Cities Skylines. With mods. Lots of em.

Oh boy, do I have a lot of fun aligning little bushes and road signs. Placing cranes and pylons etc. It’s like building a model railroad!


Here comes the storm !!!


Whenever I have a spare minute and I’m not in the mood to glide my shops throughout space I dwell deep in Mad Max. Despite the setting it’s surprisingly relaxing.


Games I play, apart from flight sims? On computer, not too many, and here they are…

The rise and fall of Shakira…:slight_smile:

In my book, this still can’t be beaten as the definitive big guns WWII naval surface warfare tactics sim…

About the umpteenth time I am playing Colombia and “cleverly” antagonizing Panama (and collaterally Costa Rica by using them as a scapegoat) through devious covert action, so I can take the Canal without bringing the wrath of the world upon me…

Action at the Kurile Islands…

Along with Orbiter, just these other two space sims…

And driving (please note the blistering speed!)…

…and, IMHO, one of the finest driving games I have ever played…

That’s it. Unlikely to add any more either, really. :slight_smile:

Other games?

Chess. Backgammon. Poker (only very small betting with friends, no worries). :grin:

EDIT: Two others I didn’t post earlier, one I couldn’t figure out how to get a screenie of, Silent Hunter III…

And finally, Steam and Iron. Haven’t played it in a few months now, and consequently forgot it on this list. Here attempting to organize a crossing of the “T” (but inevitably devolving into a broadside slugging match). I’m a great fan of naval history, and simulations when they are not getting too “arcadey” in game-play. Don’t know why that bugs me a lot…

Now, that really is it.


Heh, a brilliant selection!




Golf Club VR

well this is awkward


lol 142. That seems pretty realistic, actually!


at least half that score was putting, reading the green was relatively easy, but man was it hard getting the right amount of power. There are assists with the easier difficulty settings that i think were screwing up my short game,


I’m not surprised. Putting has been the weakpoint of that game since the beginning.

It’s the same reason I’m not a fan of those indoor simulators. Putting into a screen is impossible.






Alwa’s Awakening - this is absolutely fantastic


Last year I decided to replay some of the fine old classics from the '90. I started with U.S. Navy Fighters:

Then moved to Marine Fighters:

After that it was time for Vietnam Campaign form USNF’97:

And now I’m about to finish ATF’s Egypt Campaign which I never played before:

Besides that I enjoy at the moment
• Rise of Flight
• Ace Combat X Skies of Deception (on PPSSPP emulator on PC, much more playable with XBOX360 controller then on PSP)
• Falcon BMS 4.33
• still trying to finish Far Cry 2 (I already finished FC3 and just few days ago FC4)
• DTG Flight School
• Combat Air Patrol 2 (on Steeam Early Access)

Later on I want to come back to
• Elite Dangerous
• Jane’s F-15 (will have to try to run it on Win 10)
• DCS World
• Il2 Cliffs of Dover
• F.E.A.R. Expansion - Extraction Point - I never finished that
• other DOS era classics like EF2000, F-14 Fleet Defender, Jane’s Longbow


Scourge of Armagon is brutal.


John Wick Chronicles -

Feels a lot like playing a 360° Time Crisis, pretty fun.


It’s a VR level shooter right? I’ve heard it’s good but sounds exhausting :slight_smile: :vr:


level, wave, something like that, it’s short, only 3 levels but damn are they good. And I am a bit tired, only got 2 of the 3 done today, i found myself standing to start, but halfway through kneeling down behind cover and never really standing back up :smiley: my left calf is sure feeling it now


For a moment I thought it was the John Wick DLC for Payday2.